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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Death and Rot and Death

There will be no cheer in this post. Just a warning. As if the title didn't give it away.

At chemo today, Mare's doctor told her there were 3 spots of cancer in her brain. So this really is it. She's not taking any more treatments, and meets with hospice tomorrow.

Speaking of hospice, the grapevine has it that my old bitty neighbor is going to one. I've no clue if this is more than a rumor, or if as usual it's cockeyed, and she's going to a nursing home, or it's all just bullshit. She has 6-8 people of varying services in every day, perhaps it'd be smarter to have her in a facility.

The February death anniversaries finished today with the 21st of Ian's death. I'm waiting on a reading through a double-blind mediumship test. I sent a piece of his sweater for the medium to use to psychometrise. Some time soon I'll be getting transcripts of several readings and "spirit drawings". I'll choose which are closest possible matches, and later on they'll send me the complete reading and drawing meant for me. With all the dead peep in my life, who knows if Ian would be the loudest in the crowd. But I'm curious to see what if any results come from this. My mother gave him that sweater and he wore it all the time, and she was the Spiritualist so you'd think she'd yell the loudest to be known. We'll see soon.

I'm pretty damn sure that our existence doesn't end, but it'd be nice to get some independent data.

I'm tired of all this death and rot and death. I'm sure you are, too.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Death is one of the few things in life that comes to us all. We stall it off by living as best we can.

Elephant's Child said...

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe is right. Still sad, still confronting, but it does come to us all. Just too quickly to many of the ones we love most.