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Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the Fear Goes On

Vermont made all marriages equal this week. I'm so damn proud I cried. Esophageal cancer took Our Seth before he could partake, but I know he's happy to see it from where he is. It wasn't easy; it was right down to the finish line hold your breath is it really gonna pass I don't wanna watch scary. But it passed in a very unusual override of the Gobner's veto. I have nothing but disdain for Dandy Douglas.

However, the fear and hate mongers haven't stopped their attacks. I went to our Green Mountain Daily website (a site for and about the VDP and its issues) and saw this piece by Julie Waters, fabulous person:

So they're back at their nameless fear tactics. Everybody's gonna die! Oh Jesus run for your life! There's a storm growing! AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH! What the fuck is wrong with these people, and do they really think we're all that stupid? I do enjoy the youtube acting auditions for the parts, but how much ya wanna bet that ol' Edith in her living room sees this and writes them a check?

What's most curious to me is the nameless threat -that "some of the people who promote Gay Marriage" are also up to something else with big black lurking Satanic clouds helping them. Well, what are they up to? These freaks don't say. It's enough for them to engender fear. The populASS has been trained via Bush's Big Brother Broadcasting to be told they have to fear something. That's enough for these chickens. They'll be calling their friends and saying something at church, that's for sure, oh you betcha. There's something to fear! Hooray, we have something to fear! But what that something is, they can't tell you. Because they don't know. It's a secret.

Oh, BTW, if you say to them, "But I'm one of those people, I'm not up to anything!" They'll give you a patronizing look and tell you you're being used and don't know who you're affiliating with and give you some kinda pat on a body part. All very superior. Not very Christlike. But then neither is bearing False Witness. Or prejudice.

Read it and weep:


MoonRaven said...

Wow. I was going to congratulate you on your state managing to finally allow same-sex marriage in spite of the governors veto--and I should anyway--Congratulations!

(But that video is very disturbing. I especially found that woman from Massachusetts frightening. The horror of gay marriage is that it allows schools to say that gay people exist! Oh my. I was wondering how the fact that we have same-sex weddings here affected anybody else. Now I know.)

Austan said...

Thanks, Moonie, on behalf of all Vermonters. :D

The chickens seem to be moving their comparison of gay marriage= beastiality is next (and how they ever dared say that is beyond me; I blame the high anti-depressant use) to gay marriage=incest.

I'm all for proclaiming your stupidity and bigotry out loud. At least we know who these shitheads are. They want everyone to know, apparently. But they actually are influencing with fear tactics. They're using what Rove and Bush used. It worked for a few years; I hope it's not working now.