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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Night With Facebook

So, after many emails from friends and family encouraging me to join Facebook (hereafter called Fecebook) I caved.

As soon as I got on, a barrage of recommended 'friends' to link to came up. They were all people I'd watched on Youtube. Hmmmmmmmmm. How'd they know who I've watched on Youtube? Eh, don't be paranoid.

So I changed my password as instructed, went to re-log in, and they wouldn't let me go further until I dumped my cookies into their system. Whoa, Nellie! You've already scanned my Youtube use, now you want to know all my business?

For 3 days I tried to log in without giving them all the info they wanted to mine from me, and couldn't. People cajoled and called me paranoid. It was amazing to me that these folks (well, 2 people) had no problem with all their personal info being mined by a nameless, faceless corporation. And once you give access, you can't take it back. I don't care what they want it for; it's my friggin business! What if some whack job that works for them (and you know there are plenty) wants to track me down? Or use my accounts? No, no. This sister isn't that trusting of my fellow nutcase or a megacorporation.

So bye bye Fecebook. I have a phone, an email and one can always write to me or send photos in the real mail. Fecebook always seemed an egotistical waste of time to me, which is why I never joined it. Now I see it's much worse; it's an info-mining empire.


cavard said...

Don't blame ya Annikee.

Glad to see you blogging again. Been waiting for your your latest entry!

Austan said...

well, what with the hugs, the b'day, and working on 2long pieces (what'll be up at the end of the week) life's been busy the last week.

I'll keep up, I promise!