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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Burgers and Books and Help!

Things are tight money-wise. Not as tight as they were when 78% of my income went to my rent, but tight enough that I can't eat beef more than once in a while. Beef's just gotten too expensive. So it's a happy day when I get to have a nice big burger and that's today. A juicy yummy burger on decent bakery bread (the Price Chopper's Peasant bread's on sale for 1.99 this week!) and some homemade cole slaw (longing for Spring started already) has me very psyched for dinner. Woohoo!

Another Woohoo! is that I've been chosen to be a Book Giver for World Book Night
So next week I'll get the info on what books I'll get and where to pick em up. I have to arrange with the BHA to get time in the Community Room on the night of April 23rd too. Shouldn't be a problem. It's a little project, but it'll be great to encourage the old folks and gimps here to read a bit more. Who doesn't like a free book?

And lastly, I need your help. I'm out of ideas for the Heat Fund Recipe and am drawing a total blank. We try to stay in a meal category (not dessertish; lunchy or dinnerish). I try to stay economical, it also needs to travel and to feed at least 4-6. I make enough food for a crowd because the whole radio station looks forward to it. But the recipe is family sized. If you have any ideas for a dish that'd fit all the criteria-oh, and not include seafood, as the boys can't eat it- I'd appreciate your input and will give you credit! Thank you!!!
Here's the list of what I've already made:

veggie lasagna
chicken chow mein
harvest roast- root vegs and kielbasa
chili stuffed sweet potatoes
Swedish meatballs
Blender Pies
Riva's q-bossy
chili con carne w/cornbread
NYC knishes
cranberry crunch pie
classic meatloaf


Anonymous said...

I have recipies for
Shepherd's Pie
Tortiere (pork pie)
Hawaiian Ham (really delish with green peppers in it) served on either rice or noodles
Hamburger Potpourri
Italian Chicken Skillet
Cheese and Hamburg Pie
Country Chicken
7 Decker Dinner
Great Beef Hot Pot
Savory Scotch Meat Loaves
Pork Chop and Pasta Dinner

All recipies I used when we had students for boarders years ago....

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

Your food list looks interesting and so does Delores'.

Of course, in case you didn't know, these days, we're not sure if we're getting beef or horse meat over here.

I do know one thing. I work on a tight grocery budget. My son gets the good food and I get what Penny wont eat. Okay, slight exaggeration :)


Geo. said...

Austan, regarding your catalogue of past entrees I can only paraphrase Al Capp's musical,"Li'l Abner": What you got left over is more than most folks started out with. I suggest an encore!

Munir said...

I was thinking of Shepherd's Pie too.
Yes Beef is very expensive. Have you tried Turkey Burgers. They are healthier than Beef anyway. Also they can be made just like beef Burgers. If you add a little garlic powder before you shape them into patties they will sell yummy as well.

Anonymous said...

Are you doing all right over there girl...I sure hope you're not sick again.

Austan said...

Sorry everybody! I've just been busy elsewheres with people and doing the usuals. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on everything. xo