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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ya Just Shake Your Head

There has just been too much going on. Period. The Pope resigns. Meteorites hit Russia where people see it happen (it wasn't unlike a 50s movie, either). The US has gone entirely out of its mind. Entirely. And we are a danger to ourselves and others so the other countries should have an intervention and get the US some help.

Why do I think the US has lost it? I'm on Facebook. If you aren't on FB I can't quite describe it. If Howard Beale were to get anywhere nowadays, he'd have to come out of FB. The world's  become a strange Heinleinesque dystopia. It's not entirely horrifying nor completely hopeless, but a sick Mobius Strip of ego-driven fearful self-righteousness. And the illiteracy blows me away.

Anyway, we are in the "Days that Must Not Be Numbered" now. From mid-February until the end, I don't track dates anymore. Too many bad anniversaries. This accursed month will be over and we'll be heading toward Spring soon. I've come to really love Spring.

So with all that, let's look at what's up in Austanspace...
Oh yes, there were the Grammies too,31240/

Will it be Ouellet?

Bernie tells the truth about Congress, which we all knew but none of them ever say it

If you need a compliment,

If you're really feeling like dogshit there's only one thing to turn to
and if that didn't do it, add this

It was Oliver Reed's birthday, and here is one of his best early performances

A new reason to cry over slicing onions

If someone dear is having Downton withdrawals get em a souvenir

And remember the world can't be all bad that produces Calvin and Hobbes


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I remember that episode of Mr. Rogers. He was must-see programming in my house and the only quiet half hour in my house when my four children were growing up. He mesmerized them all with his lessons on kindness and compassion. When my son graduated from college and Mr. Rogers took the stage for his speech and started out with his trademark line, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood", the crowd went wild, including me.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

After reading Arleen's comment, I'm almost ashamed to say it, but my kids weren't very big fans of Mr. Rogers. Especially the boys. They watched some other show... I think it was called "The Electric Company", and it started out by screaming "Heyyyyyy, you guyyyyys!" It was a little more boisterous. Like my boys. And our daughter wasn't (isn't) much calmer. Although she was (and is) a big muppets fanatic. In fact, she got a grant to create a huge puppet for the Atlanta Center for the Puppetry Arts. (Walter the lion)

The Elephant's Child said...

I adore Calvin and Hobbes and have been known to read myself to sleep with them. Though I do worry about Bill Watterson's home life. I don't think it is all imaginitis.
I hope February zips by before you know it...

Austan said...

Oh Arleen, what lovely memories. I wish we'd had Mr.Rogers for commencement. We had a UN ambassador. I didn't go. :P

Austan said...

Mr. Rogers wasn't the style of my brothers' kids - all boisterous boys, anyway. I'll have to ask Derek if he ever got into Mr.Rogers. I know the other 3 nephews weren't the sit still and be kind types. Though Little Billy was on Romper Room once. ;) I'll ask Strider if she was a neighbor though. I didn't know her that young.

Austan said...

EC- Calvin and Hobbes are by far my favorite comic strip and helped the 80s-90s be bearable. Does make you wonder about the mind that created them, eh?

The Elephant's Child said...

Calvin and Hobbes does a fair job of making 2013 bearable some days. So no asparagus thrown at the mind that created them by me. Ever.