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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dawn of the Tread

Man oh man, it's Thursday already! Well, if we have to be in the dead of Winter at least it's moving right along. We got another 5-6 inches of snow yesterday, then smoothies fell for the afternoon and then it got cold again. It's not 6 yet and it's dark and lovely, though a heavy plow just went by out back and must've woken anyone who wasn't up already.

Let's see... in the news around the big blue marble ...
Is this any surprise?

David Bowie's new album has rave reviews, but I'm not feeling it

A promising bestseller about a man with Asperger's looking for a wife

Married couple sought for extraterrestrial position

Getting pharmaceuticals out of the water supply

So now rooting for a team is "sectarianism"?

Boy am I rooting for these peep

That's better. Time for another cuppa, and maybe a bagel...


Anonymous said...

Married couples in space? I have a feeling if we volunteered for that only one would come back lol.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Well, if nothing else, experts do say that having intimate relations in a "new place" can spice things up for long-time married couples, so Mars would definitely qualify. (But KY is a lot cheaper!)

Chin up. Winter can't last forever.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

I heard Bowie's single release and I thought I was actually going to fall asleep. Going to have to check out the album. Maybe it grows on you, as that old saying goes.

Married couple heading for Uranus...

Be well and stay warm.


Munir said...

I sometimes feel that I am not doing what I could have been doing partly because of my own health and partly because of medicine being so expensive.
I have written down the name of the book. I can tell my kids to get it if I agree about restaurant people not getting paid enough. I very rarely eat in a restaurant, but when I do I make sure that I give more than average in tips.
Hope that all is well with you.

Munir said...

One of the main characters or may be the main character of the show "Community " has Asperger's Syndrome. I thought that I will let you know as the show is on at eight tonight on NBC.

The Elephant's Child said...

Dinosaur that I am, I liked the early Bowie.

I am constantly appalled to hear that your restaurant staff get paid so little. Ours are paid much, much better, and so tipping really doesn't happen here. Which probably explains why Aussies are such lousy tippers.

Winter is closing down. Really.