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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From the "Now I've Seen it All" Files

There's something about hipsters that cracks me up. I don't know what it is... maybe it's just the fashions they wear or the attitude. For the past few years seeing hipsters just tickles me. We have a lot of them in Brattleboro. It's only sad when someone does it (or keeps doing it) as an older person, because they take themselves very deadly seriously.

Here is a hipster definition

If you really want to be a hipster, here's a step-by-step guide

Hipsters think themselves more "authentic" and "valid" than the hippies did. I don't personally remember any hippies worrying about such things. Hipsters like "retro" and "vintage" and "ironic" things. They have the certainty of being correct that only happens when you're young.

So it's an absolute delight to see hipsters having fun wth their own culture in the Hipster Olympics

How can you not like hipsters? They're "pretty much" "awesome", they like poetry, coffee, smoking and vodka, and love deep meaningful one-liners and quotes.

Still don't "get" hipsters? Look through here (warning: Hipsters curse a lot)


Anonymous said...

Just about everything I own is vintage and my jeans are definitely tight (darn it all)....hey.....I'm a hipster (oh wait, I think I'm just hippy) rats!!!

Geo. said...

Yes, I watched hipsters and their recombinant economy rise from tribal themes of Rent and Avenue Q in San Francisco. Peaceful, adaptive, resourceful. We can learn much from them. More than mumbling and shoegazing. They are sort of movement future-people will admire and review for method, mystique and guidance. Thoughtful post, Austan.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
I'm the original old groovy type Hipster dude.
That's why I moved to England to get my true hipsterism come out and be admired by all the Hipsters here.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Most of the hipsters I know are wearing titanium ones.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I had a college professor who was a " hipster" from the early '80's. His hair was never combed, and his pants were so tight that you could count the change in his pockets. This was fun, and I also enjoyed Arleen's comment! Julie

Austan said...

Lawless- My jeans may be skinny but I'm not. ;)

Geo- They're an inquisitive group, quite nerdy. I've always loved the nerds, being one myself.

Gary- They broke the mold after making you. You're one of a kind.

Arleen- Hahahahahahah!!!!

Julie- Welcome to Austanspace! I had one of those profs too, except his hair- all four strands- were combed right up over his head. :D

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Can't top Arleen's comment! Guess I haven't been paying attention. Either there aren't any hipsters (other than Arleen's kind) around here, or my head's been in the sand.

CarrieBoo said...

"I thought I was in love and then he said he didn't like Harry Potter." LOLOLOLOL!

Austan said...

Hahahah! Taste is everything, Boo!