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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Words of Wisdom From the World Outside

So says Joe Jackson in "Sunday Papers".and who am I to disagree? Before I launch into a New Wave reverie, let's take a look at that world outside.

Today my friend Wayne is giving one of his books away with any Kindle purchase of his new title. Details:

My SIL in Joisey and I were wondering if this is taught in school anymore:

I can't believe I like Marilyn Manson

Synthetic Life...isn't that what you get in Hollywood?

Happy 100, Woody

It's like yawning

This is reassuring

So they're saying ignorance is bliss?

Here we go: The Thought Police Really Are Coming

Projection isn't just for vomit

Oy. Have a cuppa tea and think. Is it so hard?

It's very moist and the days are miserably hot with no rain.Sleeping patterns have changed entirely. The Shire is home to some new people and they're not like the pre-existing population. There is noise late at night. The Fire Dept was here a couple hours ago. I don't agree with mixed population housing.

However, it's still Summer (holy crap July 4th is a week and a half gone by already) so I can't really give a manticore's scrote.

And Welcome Kick! You found me, sistah!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! I like your intros to the articles better than the articles themselves. We finally got some rain here. Late every afternoon for about a week, lots of rain. Everything is green again, our rain barrel is overflowing, and the air is heavy with humidity, but at least the temperatures have dipped way down into the nineties.

Lisa said...

Diagramming sentences - Nope! Not taught here. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The story that touched me was about the late, great, Woodie Guthrie.

Geo. said...

I love the article on the mind-reading machine, especially this bit:"Sometimes there’s an image that prompts a physical response, such as pressing a button, to show the subject is paying attention."

If paying attention is required for this thing to work, I believe I've already perfected immunity.

Susan Kane said...

Woody Guthrie was a uniquely talented musician.

Sounds like your summer can't end fast enough!

Austan said...

Susan- Haha! Yeah, the temp dipping down to the nineties is why I moved so far north, only for it to catch up here 17 years later! At last you got rain. That helps.

Niecely- I thought as much. How can kids learn anything without the rudiments?

Arleen- Woody was one of a kind, wasn't he?

Geo- Me too, but I wouldn't do it cuz I'm ornery that way.

Susan- Woody had more heart than most religious types these days. And yeah, Summer is a test, only a test... It'll seem to have been quite short come February.