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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jill Stein for President

After 4 years of the same old from the Obama administration and all the lifers on Capital Hill, I've had it with the parties in power. I've had it with not ever seeing campaign promises happen, I've had it with the suits getting everything from their paid-for candidates, I've had it with fearmongering while our freedoms disappear, I've had it with a spineless, toadying Old Boys Club. I'm done.

I refuse to listen to the chicken chorus of "but a bad guy will win" BS. The Electoral College assures us that our individual votes don't really matter anyway. So this year I'm voting my conscience. And my conscience is with the Green Party. I'm voting for Jill Stein.


CarrieBoo said...

I hear ya, luv. All I know by this point, is that "I hate Harper". Beyond that, I just don't know anymore. Green Party have also come a long way and stand for many decent principles beyond the environment.

But it all makes me want to move somewhere far away and live in a little hut and figure out a way to pull my own teeth between two rocks.

Geo. said...

Ah, mustn't give up on the kid yet --there's still a lot to love about him...well, he IS sending assassins after untried foreign belligerents and Gitmo's still there...hmmm. Ok, foreign exchange leadership programs. They have them for pastors and high-schoolers; doesn't seem fair Obama, Harper, Putin et al can't rotate --everybody move up one. Could happen. I better stop before I agree with you. Energetic and provocative post --I like it!

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
Indeed, time to give the polarised politics the kick in the butt.
"The Green Party" is a very decent alternative.
I note that Canadian politics is having its usual problems and scandals. No change there. Any chance we can send you over the evil David Cameron and his coalition lot?
Gary x

CarrieBoo said...

Hello Laura it's very nice to meet you, as you could guess I am not CarrieBoo but her husband Brandon. We were actually just discussing your comments about your disillusion over a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Apparently I got worked up enough that Carrie suggested I comment on your entry and I rarely bow to such a challenge so I have come to say a few words.

First, I get it, totally get it. Politics is a horrible thing and someday we may have a better system in which we will be able to voice our opinions directly instead of through these suit wearing disingenuous snake oils salesmen. Unfortunately today we have to pick a side and especially in the United States where presently those sides couldn't be farther apart the stakes are high.

Voting your conscience sounds a great idea and I believe your conscience would agree that Barack Obama is a far lesser evil then his competitor Mr.Romney. Could you imagine if thousands or millions of people who may feel disconnected from this election followed the same path and turn away from the Democrats with no benefit except to dilute the liberal vote and ensure a Romney victory. It would definitely be one step forward; three steps back for the United States and in turn the world. I wish we all could vote in your elections seeing how much they can affect all the countries so drastically. Each American is charged with a responsibility and an intensely fought for privilege of voting to change or not change the face of the coming global economy, stability and prosperity. A heavy weight for sure and one I hope that everyone will approach with the proper perspective. Tell the world that the United States believes in change and is willing to do the long hard work of change that it seems cannot be completed in 4 short years and give Mr. Obama the chance to make good knowing that the people are going to stick with him.

Again it was nice to talk to Carrie's adopted mom :) and I apologize if I got too intense there. Now you know what Carrie must go through.

Austan said...

Boo- It makes me want to find a new planet too, but in the meantime we have this friggin mess we have to deal with until we get to die. And I just can't keep doing what we do and hope for change.

Austan said...

Geo- I'm sure I'd like him and we'd be pals if we met, but I never was gaga about him and there is someone better...

Austan said...

Gary- No, keep old David there! We have enough morons! ;)

klahanie said...

The good folks of Britain are begging you to take David and his buffoons.
We will take George 'Dubbya' Bush in exchange. No, forget that. Send some decent coffee! :)

Austan said...

Brandon! Welcome!
Well, the whole point is that the Dems and Repos aren't far apart. The "diluting the left vote" is a fallacy. First of all, our election is rigged in several ways. The Electoral College is what decides the vote. We have also just been re-districted in many areas, which adjusts the majority to favor whichever corporative representatives "they" want in the seat anyway, which influences the Electoral overall. So it's academic to support any Presidential candidate.

We cannot get change by doing the same thing we've done. That way lies insanity.

If, Big If, voters were to turn away from the major parties altogether in droves (which they won't- Americans barely know what's going on beside what they're told to believe on tv) there might be change. If Mitt the Twit were put in office, there might be revolution. Some people won't vote for him because he's a Mormon, just like some won't vote for Obama because they're scared of black people. In the end, I don't think it matters who we vote for as President anymore. Bush #2 was installed in a cloud of voter fraud. So much for The People.

As for me and my vote, for whatever it's worth, it's going to go to whom I think is the best candidate out there. And I think Jill Stein is the best of the lot.

It's so good to meet you finally, Son-in-Law! :)

Austan said...

Gary, sorry. Our mental midget quota is full right up. Perhaps in a few years when Newt Grinch, Bill O'Really and Rush Limpbag have passed on you can petition again.

However, if you'd like a decent pound of coffee, send me your address. That I'd be happy to do. :)

Austan said...

p.s. If I could, I'd vote in Tyrion Lannister.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

As much as I understand your vote,I do remember that it was Ralph Nader who got us George Bush. Sometimes we have to look at the larger picture. No one is perfect,but in this election, it will be he who has the most money and power will win. The Supreme Court has already decided that. It would be a miracle if the money and the Republican party does not win. I think it is a done deal. When Obama said that he would rather do the right thing than win reelection in regard to Health care reform, I admired him even more. If the other side gets control of the executive, senate and house, it will all be over. It is never perfect, it is not about the perfect situation,because that does not exist, it is about who bought who, and I am going for the money who is behind the middle and lower economic class, because I think they represent most of us.

Austan said...

Arleen- Actually, it's not because of Nader that Gore lost. Nader's votes were negligible. In that case, it was a combo of Gore losing his home state and the Suppreme Court handing Bush #2 the office over the objections of the people of Fla., who'd been disenfranchised by voter fraud in Bush's brother's governed state. I do agree that whoever has the most money is usually installed, which in this run is Romney. who won't even release his tax forms, he's so rich.

Lisa said...

I'm with Brandon and Arleen. What I would love to see is a campaign run on less money. If a candidate can run a positive campaign on a very tight budget, think what he or she could do for the country. I'm also half asleep,so forgive the jumbled thoughts. :)