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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summering on Low

I am Summering out. My niece has gifted me with the first 2 seasons of True Blood and wow, I had no idea. I assumed it was another vampire sex saga. It is, but not done in a crappy way, and with lots of other stories going on. And it's just entertainment, no thinking, no subtexts with meaning. As Strider and I were saying last night, Summer is dear to us in New England. You don't want to be serious. You don't want things to do that have meaning. It's the time of year we have long lazy days and there's life all around. I can't hike anymore or go jump in water somewhere but I can hang out with the best of them. You only get so many Summers and I plan to waste every moment of every one I get.

Sorry my posting's been so erratic. You understand, I'm sure. It's tough to gather thoughts when you lose yourself watching the Brandywine run by. Or when a friend comes by with a pizza and you put on some Sly & the Family Stone. Or when some engrossing and entirely useless stuff entertains. However, it's great for writing fiction, and that's where all my writing time goes when I do anything constructive.

But Summer won't last. Soon enough I'll be back here posting more than once a day and I'll jump on here when I can and post news stories every few days until then. I'm not bailing, I'm just sailing. Go out and eat up some Summer. Stay in and waste some time. Let your eyes fill up on greenery, on the Earth and its many small miracles.


Allyson said...

love you.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,
Fangs for this article. Something I could get my teeth into.
And here's to the lazy, crazy days of summer. I'm looking forward to summer :)
And to the sounds of "Everyday People", I send you peaceful, summery wishes.
Gary x

Munir said...

Happy Summer.
Wouldn't it be nice though to be able to enjoy every moment of life itself like we enjoy summer?

Austan said...

Ally- Love you too!!

Austan said...

Gary- Wishing you Hot Fun in the Summertime! (when it gets there)

Austan said...

Munir- It recharges the batteries so we can get thru the Long Darkness coming. I hope this feeling sustains us til Spring, and I hope we get a Winter! ;)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Cool. (Actually, it's been hot as hades, huh?) But, it's cool that you're enjoying your summer. Why worry about spending less time writing ABOUT your life, when you're spending more time simply living and enjoying it? "Roll out those hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer..."

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Oh yeah... summertime... it's kinda magic, isn't it? Enjoy it to the max, Austan!!

Sherri said...

i haven't watched any of the True Blood series but i have read all the books (eagerly awaiting the next installment)... i love the stories... i might have to just bite the bullet and rent the series...

Lisa said...

Sherri - don't expect the series to be like the book. The series is very, very, very loosely based on the books. In some ways, it's very disappointing and in others it's kinda nice.

And to all - sorry! I've sent 35 hours of viewing enjoyment and 4 books (so far). So, it's partially my fault she's not here to blog. :D Enjoy your summer where you can and when you can!

Geo. said...

"Earth and its many small miracles."

I visited miracles yesterday and they made me tired, but I still recommend it. Beautiful post!

Austan said...

Susan- It's high Summer, my sleeping patterns officially screwed, there's beer and wine in the fridge and I'm living on coffe and sandwiches. And I don't give a flip. Happy Summer!!!

You too, Cathy! We should work on that seasonal attitude deal.

Sherri, I haven't even started the books. I'd just begun the last GRR Martin and I can't hold two book series in my mind anymore. But yeah, the series is smooth.

See everybody it's all her fault!!! Blame Lisa!

Geo- Miracles can be exhausting, it's true. You can always catch up on sleep but ya gotta take your miracles when they're happening.