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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Background Sound for the Season

There isn't a lot of time to sit and watch things this week but it's nice having sounds of the season while going about the things we do. Since I just raved about "The Bishop's Wife" and bragged about having a tv channel that plays carols and songs 24/7, I thought I better come up with something for those who don't have these things.

So here's a radio version of "The Bishop's Wife". The sound is somewhat off, especially at the beginning, and gets just a little better as it goes along but it's listenable.

This is a big directory of streaming US Christmas music stations. Just close the pop-ups. A huge selection of genres.

And here's a selection of streaming European stations

My personal favorite single songs:

Don't forget the Radio Beeb has a lot of holiday programming on all its channels

There, that's better. I don't feel so gloaty.


Jenny Woolf said...

Whole lot of cool links. Many things I have not heard of. I wonder if all of them will play in the UK as not all things play in every country. (The Bishops wife is fine - I have just played that.) :)

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

That's well neat listening to some of that soothing background music. I know my human can sometimes listen to some classical type stuff. I even found out he was a choir boy for a few weeks.

Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

Austan said...

Jenny- I hope they work for you! And glad to hear The Bishop's Wife did. Happy Holidays!

Austan said...

Penny- Humans can make some awful noise. But holiday music is usually very nice even for velvety senstive ears. I hope Santa brings you good treats.
Kisses and hugs,

The Elephant's Child said...

Those choir boys looked as angelic as their voices ere sublime. I bet the first was a lie though. Many of the most degenerate males I have known were choir boys...

Austan said...

EC- I have to agree. Most of the biggest scuzzy creeps I've ever known were choirboys once!