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Monday, December 24, 2012

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go!

It's Day 2 of the Holiday Marathon. Had a really nice time catching up with Princess Wendeleh last night, ate some yummy cheeses (ooo, Seelander) and I made a hearty soup. This is Xmas Eve, and Special K will be here in a couple of hours to get an early start so she goes home and I'm asleep at a decent hour tonight so Santa can come. Tomorrow being the Day- get up early, clean up the mess, prep and cook for midday dinner with Stevil- sleep is essential. It's The Day.

And don't forget, if you find yourself  lonely, or having a hard time of it tomorrow, Gary at Klahanie
will be online offering support and comfort to anyone who needs it. He's a great guy with a big heart. It's not easy to get through the holidays, especially if you're alone. I've done it twice, I don't recommend it. So remember all you need do is reach out, Gary's there for you.

Okay, checking my list I see I have stuff to do. At least it's not a big production. Before Special K was a nurse, she was in food service too. We both used to cook like crazy for the holidays. These days, it's noshes and as little cooking as we can get away with doing. Some frozen hors d'oeuvres, Swedish meatballs, shrimp, chips and dip, cheese and crackers, etc. By tomorrow my stomach will be very happy to get a real meal. Next year I'm campaigning for Chinese take away. : )

With best wishes that everyone will have a peaceful, safe and very merry Christmas,


klahanie said...

Dear Laura,

And soon Santa will be visiting my place. I feel very lucky for that.

And soon Santa, understanding time zones, will be visiting you :)

Thanks for mentioning my site and I will be online to do my best to reply to anyone who is feeling lonely or just wants a bit of a chat, anyway. I know you embrace the ideals of us all being here for each other and I'm grateful for that.

Enjoy the food preparation. I'm now getting the urge to order a Chinese take away, this year :)

A peaceful, positive Christmas to you and your loved ones.

In kindness and goodwill,


The Elephant's Child said...

Merry Christmas. It is Christmas morning here, himself is still asleep but, after a manic yesterday, I think everything is done. Including me.
I have dropped an email to Gary this morning thanking him for all he is doing. A truly amazing man.
Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Jenny Woolf said...

Happy Christmas to you, and Gary is indeed a great guy.

MoonRaven said...

A little late, but I hope you had a very merry little Christmas...

unikorna said...

I wish you happy Holidays and a lovely New Year filled with astonishing, breathtaking new experiences...Kisses.

Geo. said...

Best wishes of the season, Austan. Appetizing post. I have an urge to adopt the sushi chef at the local deli. He's only about 50. Talk me out of it.