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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What a Dump!

The holidays are coming. I know this because there's a certain wreckage of home that only happens in early December. And HildieBeesty hurled a total of 9 times today. She hasn't yakked in weeks so I guess it was time to really go for the gold. Always a spectacle. There are boxes to go to the post tomorrow, two boxes of wrapped presents waiting for a tree and random bits of decorations in temporary and odd places. Above it all, staring across the room at me from a bookcase is the cross-stitch Strider made for me that says
Enjoy your holidays.

Yep, perfect.

With the tree going up tomorrow- followed by at least one day of fluffing- I turn a blind eye to the mess. Cat puke on the rug? It'll dry and get vacuumed and cleaned on Friday when the Grand Holiday Cleaning begins. I'm trying to psyche myself for it all. No, really, I am. Started holiday training at Thanksgiving (well, after Strider went home) and I'm up for this. And it's not hopelessly disorganized. It's just that this is a small place. At least nothing is ever out of reach. All I really have to do is keep my shit together, and things'll be fine.

Today was the birthday of 2 guys I like a lot- our Paul, and Ozzy Osbourne. So much for astrology.

Ah it's nearly midnight. Long day tomorrow, so buckety buckety. Night all.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Yes, it is all about keeping our shit together. If only that was possible.....

Geo. said...

Sawdust makes puke sweepable. Diamond Dry for big jobs. Unless it's hairballs. Both my sisters have trouble with that. Keep positive, Austan.

The Elephant's Child said...

UDO's (unidentified disgusting objects) are all too regularly produced by our cats. To awake to the ominous sounds of a cat retching is to wake instantly. Worse is to not wake and step in it. You have all my sympathies on the subject of the Beest's digestive issues.
I have not finished shopping and I have only wrapped present's for the gifts that were posted overseas. Cleaning really, really needs doing. It will happen - but I am not sure how.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried giving the Beest a little vaseline on the end of her nose once a week? It is supposed to help with hairball...also the vet sells something that smells like licorice which cats seem to like and that really does help.
Keep it all together girl. My mom used to say that when the day finally arrived no one really noticed how clean or otherwise your place was... I never really believed that.

Pearl said...

Keeping one's shit together is paramount.



MoonRaven said...

Life is always about being in process and never more than at this time of year. It will all work out.

As Strider's sign says, 'Enjoy your holidays'.

Austan said...

Everyone, keep your shit together! :D and yes, Moony, enjoy your holidays too.