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Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8th

I put off blogging today. While the rest of the day and all that went with it has been good and constructive, the one thing that sets this night apart for me is what happened on this date. I just tuned in Stevil's regular Saturday night radio show at
and yes, of course, he's playing a tribute to John Lennon.

If John hadn't been killed 32 years ago, he'd be 72 now. I can't get my head around any of those things. My mother saying, "They've killed John Lennon!" with the shock that silenced me. It was one of those times in life where everything stops and a kind of dissociation comes over you. I stood there, towel around my head, ear to the phone, watching the news, dumbfounded.

Today I had a chat with Jose Ortiz about Janis Joplin and all the music we'd missed because she died so young. John was just 40, which seems so young to me now.

Here is the last tv interview re-presented by Tom Snyder the day after his murder

In other news, my Godson Padraig has decided to become a firefighter. I couldn't be prouder. It so perfectly suits him, too. Can't wait to see him in uniform!

GreatNiecely continues to sort out all the things that adults do. It overwhelmed me too, at the start. You can't know all the things that go into adulthood until you have to face them. It's a humbling and scary deal until you get used to it. We all made it, she will too.

Had to walk away from the tree for the day. While fluffing, the strand of lights on the bottom string went out. Oh joy. Another project I didn't need- find the problem lightbulb. That's gonna take hours.

The weekend's goals remain, and I'm off to tick another thing off the list. See you later.


Anonymous said...

"sorting out all the things that adults do" do any of us ever get it all sorted out?

The Elephant's Child said...

I certainly haven't finished sorting out all of the things that adults do. And some of the ones I was taught by example - like losing a sense of joy and wonder at the world, I hope I never acquire.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Really? We're supposed to "get used" to adulthood? I'm still waiting for that to happen.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Sorry to be so trite, but WTH is fluffing?

Munir said...

I am a grandmother and still haven't gotten used to adulthood.
John Lennon's music will always live.Forty years of age in deed was too young.