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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's White All Right!

We got a little white for Christmas Day, which was sweet. But wow did we get white today! There's gotta be 8-10 inches of fluff, and it really is a marchmallow world. Beautiful.

I made it through Christmas Eve, feeling a bit logie, got to bed pretty early, and woke up wanting to die on Xmas morning. Ya know that 'so sick you cry' deal? Yeah, that. Cancelled on poor Stevil, though he took it well. I've been sleeping on and off since. Today I ate and so far it's stayed put so I guess I'm mending, but man, don't want that again. The only thing worse than feeling like total crap is feeling like total crap at Christmas. Tried to not bring everyone down, no sense in deflating others' good times. Bad enough I cancelled the last 3 days of the marathon. As a precaution, called off the Alka Seltzer party too. I won't be in shape for that. As Stevil said, this is one I'll remember. The last time I was this sick at the holidays was 1968. Didn't cheer me any that I haven't even gotten a card from my brother, either, but that's life.

In any event, it's good to have a stomach not in total uproar and no fever. Hoping to have a 2nd Christmas on Sunday with Stevil. Got an email from the Grotkes that they'd like to stop in and see us then, too. We'll see, fingers crossed.

Darkness has fallen over the Shire and I've been up for 4 hours. Think I'll go sleep some more.

I hope everybody has had a great time- or at least better than it's been around here! :D  x


Geo. said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Austan. Get better quick. All you missed from my direction was a rousing post about Styrofoam.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. Christmas has to be the worst day of the year to be sick. Sure hope you pull through and start feeling good soon. Do you have any chicken soup?

klahanie said...

Oh Laura. I'm ever so sorry to read that Christmas was not exactly a great time for you. Never a good time to feel ill, but of all times.

I think you appear to be on the mend. And hey, a few floating marshmallows from the sky, sure can lift the spirits. Unless, you have to drive on a road covered in 'marshmallows'! :)

Take it easy,eh.


Lisa said...

I'm happy you're feeling a bit better. Stevil will be okay with it once you get the next set of dvds :D

As far as the white fluff goes - you got our storm! They are calling it a blizzard, but '78 was much worse. We ended up with almost 10" and I'd guess a couple of those melted off today. Heads up - more coming tomorrow and Tuesday. Not as much, tho.

Nighty night to you and Beest! Hopefully, she's helping to make you better

The Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry that after all your effort you were too poorly to enjoy Christmas. I am glad that you are feeling better - but it doesn't make up for it. I really hope that Christmas Mach 2 worked for you. Happy New Year to you and the Beest.
And I am very jealous about your snow.

Austan said...

Thank you for all your wishes. I'm nearly 100% in time for the new year. May we all face 2013 with hope, health and positive resolve to make the world a better place. Hugs and kisses from a snowy Vermont,