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Monday, January 21, 2013

Resuming Our Regular Broadcast Soon

It's been a while! I've missed you! There's a lot of catching up to do, but things have slowed down a bit, and I'll get around to everyone before the end of the week.

The flu bug won't quit. This is Round 3 at least, and I'm going to take Wayne's advice and stay mostly in bed for this week. That should do it in for good and all.

Billy isn't good but he's holding up. He has a project in getting the house in order so he's keeping busy. I'm very happy that Chiefy has been there for him, too.

My heart is with Strider right now. Ems is slowing down. He's been the best friend you could ever imagine to Strider. He's our Wonder Dog. I love him very much.

Much of everything is the usual. The weather has been Winter, we even had a January Thaw, which is reassuring in these days of weirdness. We reinstalled the President today. It's also the national holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I'm hoping for better times ahead. Not counting on it, but I'll never lose hope.

I've been keeping up with Facebook, cuz it allows for bits and short exchanges, which is much easier to do than to put together a blogpost when your thoughts are scattered in so many directions. It's a great source for news, too. That's a whole schmagiggle unto itself. I'll get back to news as well. It's never good; it can wait.

For now I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support through a difficult time, and to let you know I'm still here. Soon as I don't feel like sleeping every 2 hours I'll be back here consistently.
Hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again. Sorry you're having such a tough time with 'the bug'. It does seem to be making the rounds. Things have got to settle down soon...we need some good news on all fronts.

Allyson said...

wonder dog:


Austan said...

Lawless! I'm with you, we need some good stuff. Even just to balance out the crapola. I'm keeping an eye out for it over this steaming mug of chix soup.

Austan said...

Al- that's our little old man. the best that ever was. xo

Geo. said...

So good to see you stirring electrons! Rest, feel better, read my blog, laugh! I worry!

Austan said...

Geo., your blog about Ptah and posture has all but restored my will to live, but not my posture. Don't worry, you'll slouch. :)

MoonRaven said...

Welcome back!

I hope you feel better and return to being your wonderful self soon.

Much healing to you and Billy and Strider.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It was good to see your post today. I have not been on Blogger much recently as life keeps interrupting. Take care of yourself, dear friend, and get well.

Austan said...

Thank you. It's taking time, but I'll be back to being my usual foul-mouthed battleaxe soon. :D xo

Austan said...

Arleen, 2013 has been a busy one so far. I hope you're keeping well and warm. We'll all get back to normal soon, I hope. Keep on keeping on. I'm so sorry to read about your friends' troubles. Much love and hope to you and them.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You poor thing. I'm sorry the flu has been kicking your butt... three times, yet. That's cruel and unusual punishment. Take care of yourself.

klahanie said...

Dear Laura,

Such a tough time you and your loved ones are enduring. And I know that the support you share with each other and the support we share with you, bodes well for better times ahead.

Please just try to take it easy and get rid of that flu. And you know, I'm here in the background whenever you need to verbalise. If we can provide a bit of comfort for you, that's one heck of a positive result.

In peace and warm wishes,


Munir said...

Sorry about that flu and sorry for not checking on you earlier. I hope that you take care of yourself first before worrying about every one else including blogger friends.
I know this winter has been really tough. Here in Orange County NY the temps have been lower than the city or even Westchester County. The commute had been tough last week because of extreme cold and this week has just begun and it is tough again because of the snow and today because of the thaw.
You stay put because you are not really missing out on anything good out doors any way.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and I hope that you will feel sunny as well:)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It has been over a week now and we have not heard from you and I am concerned. Please know that we in this land of Blog care and hope you are doing better.

Austan said...

Hi Arleen, I've just been having a time of it. I'm feeling like I'm getting better for a couple of days and then wham it's back in glorious technicolor. Add to that not sleeping. So I've been distracting myself AMAP, and not wanting to complain endlessly on my blog. I must be getting better or much worse because I'm bitchy. We'll see. But I'm alive. I'll do better at blogging. Sorry to get you worried. x

Austan said...

Munir- We've had seasons change every week since Christmas. It was looking like regular winter, but the temps keep changing. And the flu keeps going around, everyone's sick. There've been issues in town that are stressful. I kept forgetting to take vitamins but the upside is I know this flu really well now.
So there's rain for the next couple of days and we have a flood alert! Joy! Honestly, I think if we got flooded now we'd all just go jump in the creek. :) Don't worry. xo