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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Return of The Bug!

Blech. It's baaaaaaack. I never nap, but today I did, and that's how I know. I'm exhausted. I had a fever when I fell asleep at 6 or so and that's broken now, but I'm dizzy and ready to cry over a pair of scissors I can't find.

So here are some things I've been meaning to post. I may be back over the weekend.

Cthulhu is rising:

Why fructose may not be so harmless:

The entire newest series of Peep Show is on YT

Rebuilding an 11th century longboat

Scottish folk and fairy tales

This is too damn silly to not share again

And Rob Breszny reads your stars (and your beads)

All right, back to bed.


The Elephant's Child said...

Not good. Not good at all. Get (much) better soon.

Geo. said...

My professional advice as a retired gardener: Buckety. We need you in top form!

Anonymous said...

Oh up Laura and get healthy again.

Munir said...

I hope that you better soon. I would check out what that fever is from. In West Chester County ( not to far from her) people are just feeling blah, sort of Lousy with no fever. They bounce back to normalcy in three to four days. Plenty of soup and something soothing for the stomach might help.
I would like to email your blog entry to Hillary from England. She will enjoy the sites from Scotland and the Daffodils and Bunnies site as well.

Austan said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm resting as much as possible and doing the old chicken soup route. Not quite so yukky today but I seem to have lost my voice. It'll run its course and then be done with me I guess.
And Munir, go right ahead and thanks for the recommendation. I hope your friend likes it.
Stay well, everyone. Don't get this. As for me, as Geo. says, Buckety. Glad I have a good book to cuddle up with. :)

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

By the time of my comment, I sure hope you are feeling better. Best you just take it easy.

And in the Lake District, there are plenty of demons and monsters. Some mistake them for weekend ramblers :)

Healthy wishes, your way,


MoonRaven said...

I hope you're better soon. Being sick is just not fun.

Take care of yourself; the world needs you.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I do hope you feel better soon.
Have you considered a nice walk in the bracing airs?