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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rites of Spring

Though it's been decades since I followed Christianity, the holidays remain as tradition. So tomorrow I'll make dinner for Stevil and myself, and make a plate for my neighbor if she's alone (I try to keep some distance there). I have a fresh bone-in pork shoulder roast and will make sauteed asparagus, steamed Brussels sprouts and whipped sweet potatoes. Today I'll make a lemon sour cream pie (haven't made that in ages) after getting the household chores done. It's slow going today; whatever the "pain index" says, it's about a 7 from my hip index.

Hildebeest, like The Dude, abides. Since the cone's been off she's gained about 5 pounds in an eating frenzy. It seems to me that corrective measures to stop her obsessive biting herself only serve to cause more stress so I've backed off. What she needs to do is calm the hell down and being squirted or yelled at isn't going to do that. In time she will straighten out. It's stressful to me to see the chewed tail and clean up the hairball-gakking. But I'm supposedly the grown up human here so it's shut up and deal.

In other news, Special K has gotten a place here at The Shire. The buildings that were closed since the flood last August have been refurbished and are being reopened for habitation next month. Many of the former occupants won't be returning; they've gotten new apartments, or been sent to nursing homes, or have joined the Choir Eternal. So May and June will see a number of new faces around the Brandywine's banks. I've heard that only 4 of the original Hobbits will return to fill the 20 reopening cottages.

Speaking of cottages, Thomas Kinkade, painter of the insipid, has died. He was only 54. No word on what turned off his lights.

There's other news but it's mostly bad and I'm determined to celebrate Spring. I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone Happy Passover, Easter and whatever else may float your boat this weekend. Enjoy the blooming.

Dona nobis pacem.


Anonymous said...

Happy "Any Excuse for a Celebration and Candy" day.

Austan said...

To you too, Lawless! Hippity Hoppity onto my hips! lol

paulg said...

Happy bunny and crucifixion day (and internal contradiction day)!
That stinks about the hip pain. All I can say one of my old customers (and she is old is getting both hips replaced this year - yikes.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry that the pain is at that level. And in awe that you are cooking just the same.
Happy whatever day. And a happy every day as well.

Austan said...

Paul- And to you! At least I'm not so cynical as to serve rabbit tomorrow, as I used to. =:3

I've a feeling I'll never get even one. Good luck to her!

Austan said...

EC- I have to be contagious to not cook. lol! Besides, I finally have what I wanted all those years in restaurants- I'm alone in the kitchen and everything gets done my way!
And happy every day to you too, my friend.

SarcasticTestGuy said...

Happy fertility festival day! Hope the hip doesn't stop your hop!

Be well.

Austan said...

Hey STG! We're getting a pretty normal Spring! Who'da known that would happen? Happy hoppy fertility fest to you too! ;)

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Is that auto-da-fe Stevil?

Austan said...

TSB- In fact, tis the same guy.