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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gimping On

Hallelujah the email's back and it seems things are in order. It's really a lovely day, blue skied and breezy. Even the maples are leafing out.

The day started off with a surprise meeting in my living room at 9 this morning. The town (and apparently our administrators) are working to tear down The Shire. We Hobbits are not amused. There are some sharp brains involved on our side. But however fast we move, they have a running start and we don't know what deals have been made because the PTB insiders aren't talking. With little background on what deals were cut, we're at a loss. These things do have transparency rules, so I've put out feelers to the folks who pay attention and know how to get that info. The second Battle for The Shire begins.

It's Thursday already. The week's almost over and the weekend looms. I do believe some of us are going to see "The Avengers" on Sunday. We'll see how that turns out. My niece raved about it and I have googly eyes for Chris Hemsworth so it's a must-see in my book. This is a nicely social Spring. No grand gatherings as we once did, but small get-togethers. I'm still trying to get the Sorting Hat Party sorted. Everyone's so busy it's like herding frogs to get three or more in one place at one time.

There isn't much news that you all haven't heard by now so I'm ignoring it, except for the death threat to Claire McCaskill:

And away we go...


Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are planning on building an alternate dwelling before they rip into the Shire.

Austan said...

Lawless- The point is there's no good reason for tearing this place down, aside from the Town wanting to sell it off and make a mint and having more taxbase.

The Elephant's Child said...

Death threats because you cannot agree politically is very, very scary in my book. There are politician who, if they were on fire, I would piddle upon rather than using the nearby fire extinguisher, but I would put the fire out.

Austan said...

EC- I'll join you in the piddling! Telling a crowd of people "we" have to kill someone? And nobody shouts him down? They're all nuts.