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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Il Pleut

When it rains it pains and I curse a lot. But we need it. It's been dangerously dry this Spring, with Fire Hazard warnings all the time. My front garden is responding happily, the bleeding hearts standing lazily and the hostas swirling up in a cluster of healthy green and white. It seems that only one of the rose bushes died in the flood. A small blessing, there. I love my roses. I'll need to replace that one.

Seems the wind knosked my phone out yesterday. I was working on Gimp's Guide and didn't notice til I looked up at 9 p.m. and realized it hadn't rung in hours and hours. I checked it, it was dead. But I checked again this morning and it was back. When we drove down to CT I saw the damage- still not cleared- that Irene's winds had done to the trees in the highway meridians in Massachusetts. Big trees snapped or ripped down the middle. A grim reminder of what we lived through last summer and fall.

There have been rumors and talk about the Shire being torn down in 3 years. So far I haven't gotten a straight answer from anyone, but I need to make a key phone call and get the scoop. Maybe I'll get to that today. The Town officials have wanted this land to sell for a long time. And as usual in this pig country, money gets what it wants.

Today being May Day, there are many Occupy and Labor protests going on

The livestreams are here


CarrieBoo said...

A mixed blessing with the rain... it's been rainy here too. The grass is fantastically green! I have little roses and a bleeding heart... very lovely. Glad mostly everything survived.

Still no clarification, eh. Bugger.

Poignant sign... glad they have better weather again to do this.

Lisa said...

Well... if they do end up taking the Shire, we'll have to find you a place near us :D I hope they don't, though. I know how much you love that place!

Austan said...

Carrie- it's vividly green now. The trees are just putting out leaves and the ground plants are zooming up. Spring is lovely.

It's like nailing water to get a straight answer anymore.

Carry on OWS!

Austan said...

Niecely- I know you know I can't live in the south. ;) I'll fight like a wildcat before they shut us down.

Anonymous said...

Ever think of going Canadian?

Austan said...

Lawless- All the time, since 1993. It's not easy to immigrate from the US to there anymore. I wish my great-grandparents had stayed there!

The Elephant's Child said...

You could send some of that rain our way. We have been dryer than I like, than the garden likes for some time.
When I am ashamed of our government (far too often despite preferring them to the alternative) I think about moving to New Zealand.

Austan said...

EC- Wishing rain to you! We need it, but you need it more.
I wonder how often people think of leaving their country?

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Even though it was dry here this year and we have had fires in this area, everything is nice and green. We have been getting rain off and on for the past week and expect more in the next few days. I can't complain as we have had more than our share of beautiful, sunny days.