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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Like the Inside of a Steamed Clam in Here

Oy, enough with the humidity already! At midnight it was the same temp and humidity as it is this morning- 75'F and 77%. The weatherbees keep saying we're gonna have thunderstorms after it climbs to near 90'F today. I may just go sit in the shower. This is absolutely disgusting. Not to mention exquisitely painful.

Let's escape via things to ponder.

But was mama good lookin'?

Wait, there's a happy-go-lucky gene?

The earthquake in Italy

David Gilmour's house was built over a WW2 bomb

To quote Mac, "I can't even":

Fukushima tuna in California

Then we're saner than we think

Stay cool, it's not even Summer yet...


CarrieBoo said...

I love your clam expression. :) We're waiting on thunderstorms, too. Phewy!

Very interesting, on the qualities possessed by 100+ers. The veteran suicide report... very well written. The radioactive tuna making it across the ocean? Wow. And now... I'm off to talk to myself.

Anonymous said...

They keep promising rain but we never seem to get any.
So.....happy go lucky gene eh?....casting my mind back over parents and grandparents I really don't recall anyone being "happy go lucky". Good news? I'm not nuts because I talk to myself.
Hang in there girl...this weather is bound to break sometime.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Summertime, and the breathing isn't easy. Looks like we might be in for another hot, hot summer.