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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bonzo's Birthday

John Henry Bonham was born on this date in 1948. There are drummers and then there are Drummers. Bonham was a Drummer. Hard to imagine, but he would've been 64 had he lived to see this day. Not so old, but he's been gone so long now.

And maybe the suckage of modern life didn't start on April 9th, 1979. Maybe it started on September 25th, 1980.

Here's a bit o' Bonzo, his solo from "Moby Dick"
I always enjoy a good anecdote

This is a great tribute site

And we have some of Bonzo's quotes about Zep life saved here

There are drummers I love for their precision and timing abilities. There are drummers I love for their solidity, or for their style of dropping it in the pocket. But Bonzo? I love him for his love of drumming. His love came out in bombastic bliss. The man brought me so much joy his drumming could and still can make me cry.
Happy Birthday, Bonzo. I miss you in this world.


Anonymous said...

He certainly had style.

CarrieBoo said...

Just started with the Moby Dick solo... that is so cool to see him drumming from that angle... talk about drool-tastic -- incredible rhythm and beat and speed... and everything! Holy cow bags.

Now onto the quotes..

Austan said...

Boo- Glad you said that, it was the wrong clip! Have just put the full Moby up there. Thanks. Bonzo was one of a kind.

klahanie said...

Well stated, Laura. One of the all time great drummers. And with a virtual drum roll, here's to pleasant memories that live on in his drumming.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Yep, he was a great one.