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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers, Movies, Geraniums and Bragging

Happy Mother's Day. The Shire was at capacity parking today as everyone from miles around came to take Mom out to lunch. I associate Mother's Day with the smell of geraniums. Every year our church gave the kids little geranium plants to give our mothers, and I'd walk home with my face in the plant. I love that ozone-y smell.

We didn't get it together to go to the movie today. The week was so full and everyone's busy. There must be a dozen things in a day that aren't done. I remember things I was going to do when I'm in bed, and sometimes make a to do list for the week ahead. Everything is a long-term project because I have to fully figure things out before physically doing anything, so they get done when they get done. This week, next week, whenever I can. Neither my mind nor body work as they used to, so the way to make that acceptable is to think ahead. Trouble with that is there's always something half-done or ready to be done and your dance card is always filled, even when you thought you had free time. Going to a movie is a luxury and can't be a priority in a busy Spring like this one. Since I blocked time today, I watched movies on tv (a great way to do nothing). The "Star Trek" movie from 2009 was terrific! In the Way Back times I was a devoted Trekker, and seeing a prequel of the tv series done so well was a treat. I'm kind of half-heartedly watching "Avatar" now. The CGI and animation are fab, but nearly an hour in the story hasn't grabbed me. Different strokes.

And in the cause of shameless family promotion I have a grand announcement. My nephew Derek, a natural-born critic, has founded a website where he reviews podcasts. He's aiming to get at least one done a week, and today is working on the 2nd edition. I'm putting up an adult warning, because as he says, it's "Profane Podcast Reviews". It's funny and biting. I think he's found his calling. But I'm prejudiced because he's my favorite nephew and I think he's brilliant. ;) See or rather listen for yourself at

The sun is sinking, the Beest is stinking up the house and I have to go turn on lights and get things ready for tomorrow. I'll be back with news and such in the morning. Enjoy the evening.


Geo. said...

Empathize thoroughly with the dance-card hypercycle. Cancelled a visit to grandchildren today because bus wouldn't start. I fixed it and burnt my teeth-plaque off. I was not a happy mother. You did better.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Leaving things still to do is a sign of wisdom.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My dance card is full also, and unfortunately, some things will have to go onthe back burner.

Anonymous said...

Do what you can today but always leave a little for tomorrow. Insurance.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am a huge fan of lists. And I always put something on which I am pretty certain I will achieve (shower, clean teeth, feed cats..). Crossing something off makes me feel I am achieving something.