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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Already?

It's the middle of the day in the middle of the week. How the hell'd that happen? It was Monday morning about an hour ago. And here we are already with Memorial Day weekend just another few hours away. Somehow no matter how much I do nothing is ever done, there's always more incoming and every time you settle one situation down something else pops up. Life is tiring.

For one, I predict The Shire will fall. The Powers That Be had a predetermined goal all along and in a skillful game they have the upper hand because in the end they are TPTB. The game starts with a stacked deck. Combine that with who stands as their would-be opposition, a group of poor, old and disabled, some with meager education and even less experience in politics, and a couple of very crazy people. Guess who's got the best chance of winning?

Which doesn't mean I'll give up. I've fought in lots of losing battles. Sometimes by luck or sheer obstinance you end up winning. We do have one card that will be turned when the time is right.

I'm meeting with a State Senator tomorrow. There'll be a better idea of the odds and what nobody's saying after that. But it doesn't look rosy right now.

Special K is moved in here, for the most part. She's kind of between places, with stuff still at the old place. But she's okay and getting help to finish things. Her aunt will be moving back this weekend, the last of the evacuees to return to homebase.

It seems a bit pointless to really settle in here if we're going to be moved in 3 years. It's kind of demotivating. When I first came here the plan was to be here for the long run, unless something of outrageously good fortune changed things. Now I don't even want to plant anything else in the ground, or unpack anything more. Why bother when in a short couple of years it'll all have to be taken down, repacked and moved to another place? Especially when you know that packing what you've already unpacked will take you long enough and you won't be in any better shape to do it, and probably worse shape.

Plenty of my neighbors are fine with that. They've been "in the system" long enough to have accepted their role as pawns and to do as they're told without question. Some, in their elder years, just don't have it to fight anymore, and say so. But it seems to me to be a dehumanizing process is taking place. We are a nation with some very very rich people and go around the world touting how good everyone has it here. Well, yes, we have a higher standard of living than others, but if we're going to shoot our mouths off about democracy and freedom and rights we ought to be respecting those ideals  across the board right here at home. What's clear to me is that in this country it's money that matters, nothing else. Those with money are always looking to get more and keep all they have while accruing. This place is prime real estate now, though it wasn't 50 years ago when it was built. It can be razed and raised above floodplain level for tax-producing McMansions to dot the lovely land beside the Brandywine. Follow the money.

And all because of a once in a lifetime flood that opened a door in a perfect way to get rid of this Affordable Housing complex. How convenient.


Lisa said...

Why do I see you and who else is in the fight with you at that point, chained to the buildings, chanting, singing, etc as TPTB come to close The Shire?????? I certainly hope it doesn't come to that, but I've lost my faith in the government and those that should do right for "the little people".

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that something even nicer will be built to house the inhabitants of the Shire? I suppose that's a dream. Well, you have two years to make lots of noise and attract the attention of one of those "hero of the underdog" types. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as my Mom used to say. Get squeakin' girl.

CarrieBoo said...

Man, I am sorry, luv. It's just sad the way things have gone, and how they'll use anything as an excuse to ultimately get what they want. Which as you said, is more money. And you'll give them a run for theirs, I'm sure.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

With you at the forefront of this battle to save The Shire, I do not think it is over. My money is on you, Laura. "it ain't over till it's over. Three years is plenty of time.. Go plant those flowers.

The Elephant's Child said...

While it isn't over until 'the fat lady sings', sometimes she can no longer remember the words, or hold a tune. Fighting any sort of battle is tiring and one you feel is a losing one more so.

Sending good wishes your way, and to The Shire as well. (Money talks too loudly here as well.)

Austan said...

Niecely- It could happen. I better brush up on my rhyming chants.

Lawless- Yeah, that's a dream. I've gotta work up all the angles this time. Just squeaking won't do it. It'll have to be a barrage of facts and exposition.

Carrie- I'll try, anyway!

Arleen- Thanks for that vote of confidence. And yeah, I'm getting that rose bush next month. Screw em. I won't be moved.

EC- Well, for today, I'm not singing. Actually, I had some encouraging news. Just may be worth the fight after all. Can't say more, but I'm back in the fight mode.