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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cairo Erupts in Civil Disobedience

Everyone paying attention knows what's happening in Egypt. While watching the news last night I got tearful over the soldiers holding hands with the protesters in the streets. Though it's being called chaotic, a couple of mummies have had heads ripped off and Mubarak has banned al-Jazeera from broadcasting, my heart is warmed with hope that even now, the People can take back their country. They're already policing themselves, banding together to halt the looting and get wounded people to treatment. This is as civil an unrest as I've ever seen. I'm amazed and full of cautious optimism that this will work. And if it does, what message will that send, what ripples of head-turning eyebrow-raising thoughts of revolution will happen?

We should keep an eye on this via what's available, sites like this:

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