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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ophiuchus' Sake

Here we go again. I thought the whole theory of Ophiuchus and changing the astrological charts was poo-pooed and discarded in 1995. Now 16 years later, Ophiuchus is back shaking his snakes.

I'm no great astrological believer but it's a tool for those who haven't a clue who they are to try to establish their identifying characteristics. When I was a teen, for example, I agreed with the Sagittarius rising and moon that supposedly make me a happy-go-lucky, outgoing and loud person. Oh, and the plodding, faithful, methodical Taurus sun. I am those things. Later on I went on to read my rising sign rather than sun sign as a forecaster because I found it more accurate. But it's all a load of fanciful superstition in the long run, so who really cares? I mean, really, does anyone take astrology so seriously in 2011?

Apparently, yes. This past week I've heard this whole thing on every morning TV show, in blogs, on YouTube vlogs, and all over various news sources you'd think were above this sort of thing. And according to this new method which warps the time alloted to each sign, I am now an Aries.

Besides, astrology is based on planetary placement, not constellation placement. And just when did Ophiuchus take effect? If it's anytime after your birthdate, it doesn't apply anyway, because your chart is based on the minute you were born, not today. So the holes that were in this theory in 1995 are still there.

And I flat out refuse to be an Aries. I am not a leader, an individualist or any of the traits traditionally assigned to Aries. If I never thought of astrology as hogwash before, I do now. But thankfully I'm old enough to know who the hell I am and am not. This whole silly theory may give the adolescents an identity crisis and make them less likely to follow astrology seriously. Which would be... only to the betterment of humankind, really...

Okay, I'm changing my tune. Ophiuchus rules! Welcome, Ophiuchus!

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