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Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hate This Place

Up until a month ago, life in this building was barely tolerable. Never mind the ridiculous expense, the thievery, the outside noise, it was just tolerable. It's not anymore. Now they seem to be renting to anyone who waves money at them. All weekend long, from 5 a.m. til 3 a.m., it's been noise. The upstairs humanoids bang on their floor (my ceiling) til the house shakes and wall hangings move. The children directly across the hall play "music" that consists of a loud droning bass punctuated by yelling. And this isn't intermittent; it's for hours on end. When one stops the other starts. Yesterday morning I finally yelled, "AY!" at the upstairs bangers which got the response of repeated "AY!"s back at me, followed by a half hour of continuous floor-stomping.

Oh, and then there are the hallway runners. People seem to think The Shining-like long hallways in this place are for exercise and run full-throttle on the old wooden floors, shaking the whole building.

What's to do? I've called and called and complained. The building mgr says, "uh huh" and lists the littany of miseries in her life, says she'll stop by and say something, but the beat goes on. I've given up on calling the super. He's more miserable than the rest of us and has found his coping skills which don't involve solutions. I'm sick of the lies and bullshit but have nowhere else to go. It's damn near impossible to concentrate enough to read, my nerves are shot and I'm crabby as hell from lack of sleep. I'm too old and sober to live in Animal House and none of these people are John Belushi, they're just assholes.


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