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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I Really Really Want

A friend asked me what things I really wanted, if I could have any material anything. That's not an easy thing for me. What I want most is nothing material.

So I thought about it for a few days and realized that the things I want are small, but really important to me.

I want the pix and letters and notes of my husband that nobody returned to me after borrowing them while I was still in shock.
I want my wedding rings that were missing from his apartment when I looked for them.
I want my high school ring, which I wasn't allowed to buy when I graduated. That place meant, and still means, a lot to me.
I want the bracelet my Dad gave me that was lost in the restaurant I worked in.
I want my Grandmother's bracelet that was lost when I was Christmas shopping.
I want the cups that Billy Anderson and friends stole from my apartment. Silly coffee mugs, but they were sentimental to me.
I want the things David Platt stole from me.

And that's really all I'd want. Some things lost along the way.
So I hope that answers your badgering, Val. ;)

It's a good exercise, I guess. Because now that I know what I'm missing, I can let them go. Or at least start to. And I suppose it all boils down to forgiveness, which I didn't know was needed til I thought about it.
Now that I've written it all down, I can work on it. One thing at a time.

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