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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone's Still Here! Woohoo!

As the holidays flounced by, I was concerned about 2 people- old friends who hadn't been in touch, very unusual for them. They are stalwart Xmas card people. No card= uh oh.

I heard from one and that was relieving, but nothing from MIA friend of 35 years who always sends an epistle and photo. Every year. Every. Year.

Finally today I screwed up the courage to email him and see what was what. He's off having a ball. Traveling, arranging a cross-country move and getting a book published that was a deathbed promise. So, a little busy, that's all.

That means that everyone I know and/or care about made it thru another new year. The best way to start a year, really, is alive. ;)

And my sis-in-law in the midwest asked me if I wanted St. Julia's book, My Life in France, (which I've tried to get from my library forever but which is always out or unreturned). So synchronicity meets a nice thought, and I'm going to own it. Nice. It's the little things that really do make you happy.

And... a curious magazine came in the mail; I don't know if it's a new gift subscription. But it's a certain magazine that I'm pretty sure only one person would be sending ... more if things develop.

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