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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Endless Indignities

Today was script refill day. The pharmacy guy delivers (no aide today) and in the bag is a note from the dr & a "Contract for Narcotic Therapy" which I'm to initial & sign, and if I don't, I lose my dr. Here's the terms:

1. All narcotics must go thru them (who cares, that's fine).

2. Random urine testing will be done multiple times annually. I will submit blood and/or urine at request to detect all drugs in my system. Random pill counts will be done and I must be there by the end of the business day for these.

3. Refills must be done only thru them and at one pharmacy.

4. Daily dose changes, whether more or less, must be reported.

5. Accidental loss will be no reason for replacement.

6. Appointments must be cancelled 2 days prior and pill counts in its original container will be done at appointments.

7. You will be dropped as a patient for recreational drug use, diversion, altering of scripts, getting drugs from other drs, or abusive language to the staff.

8. The contract will be terminated if you develop a tolerance, if you "use alcohol or other intoxicants", unmanageable side effects emerge, functioning diminishes or there's poor pain control, or for engagement in any criminal activity.

Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, war is peace. And Big Brother is watching.

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