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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Cthulhu

Oh good lordamighty. I wish the Battle for The Shire was as easy as killing a few orcs and going up against one big evil. This is a Cthulhu among octopuses. There are so many agencies and so many regulations to be satisfied it's just staggering. We had a fairly long but amiable meeting, and the people working on this seem to be as overwhelmed as I felt coming out of it.

The foreseeable worst? We may lose a couple of buildings and the elderly and disabled may not be allowed to live here in the end anyway. Even with flood mitigation and all things satisfied it could be deemed too dangerous for the very people who are fighting to keep it. I'm glad I enjoy irony.

And this morning while sitting here returning emails I witnessed some guy back right into Special K's mother's car. He got out of his car, said, "Ooooo," quite loudly while looking at the damage he'd done, got back in his car and drove away. I took down his plate number and description. Haven't gone out to see what he did. I'm still in my robe.

It's gonna be One of Those Days. There will be a lot of them to come, I'm sure. And there's nothing to be done but laugh at the absurdity.


Anonymous said...

The devil...just driving away like that. Good for you to get the info.

CarrieBoo said...

I think you've done your job for the day. Slightly comical on the "Ooooo". ;)