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Friday, November 2, 2012

No Way! Not Yet!

Tonight's forecast- chance of snow, low in the low 30s. And tomorrow? Lows in the 20s. This is really not called for. I'm not ready to close the windows for the Winter yet.

Tomorrow is Larry's memorial service. I'm not going. Gal Friday was here this morning and after she left I got into boxes and searching and I sat here too long and now my back is poop. Which means it'll be Kardashian tomorrow. Everyone and his mother will be there so I won't be missed. And like I represented Wendy at Henry's service, she can represent me at Larry's. I have come to hate, loathe, despise and abominate funerals. Larry knew I liked and respected him, and that's what matters.

Not a word about Billy or MaryAlice.

My friend in NY state came home to find her power back on tonight. Woohoo for 20th century living!

Stories are coming out about those who died by Sandy, most in Staten Island. Thankfully, nobody I know among them. Those folks are suffering down there. Manhattan's well on the way to normal, but the outlying areas are far from it. This is the Katrina of the north. Here's a gallery of reader's photos on

A neighbor housed her son and his family for a month here in the Shire. They lost their jobs and home in Texas and had nowhere to go and no money to start up. We aren't supposed to take people in- we're required to report overnight guests and are only allowed to have a total of 4 weeks of stay-overs in a 12 month period- but nobody here ratted her out.  It's possible that only a few knew about it but not likely. People here watch everything. One woman was accused of having an affair with a young man. It was later revealed that he was her son coming by. It's that sort of place, which is why I keep to myself. Still, nobody ratted her/them out. I want to think there's an unwritten solidarity here.

Don't mistake this, we're going through a Great Depression, natural disasters and all. I pray that Obama gets back in. Romney in his magic underwear will be the Anti-FDR. Instead of creating infrastructure jobs to get us back to work and in working order Romnut will just contract everything out to his profit-making tax-dodging friends, thereby creating the sort of plutocracy that all Fascists enjoy. The rich politically-powered will own the government and we'll all owe our souls to the company store.

Yeah, times are a little bit scary.


The Elephant's Child said...

Very scary indeed. Your politics affects ours far to directly. I hope Obama gets in for your sake, and for ours.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am trying not to think about Election Day as the "what if" is very frightening. Romney had not campaigned in PA because it was a foregone conclusion that this was an Obama state. Now, though, they think there is a chance of changing that and his inaccurate, frightening commercials are all over the airwaves. With the Northeast being slammed by the weather and those being more "blue states", it will be tough road ahead to get our 47% to the polls. This is going to be a week full of anxiety.

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the photos of the streets full of sand.....A lot of our hydro crews are headed to New Jersey today to help out. I'm crossing my fingers for Obama and praying for your brother and family. Surely you will hear from them soon.

Austan said...

Right about now there are 2 things I'd like to have. A time machine and some Quaaludes. If I had the time machine I could get the Quaaludes, so I guess the time machine is all I need.