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Monday, November 19, 2012

November Nose and Flipping the Bird

It's here. The windows have been closed for a few days and I have November Nose. Out comes the spray. The boiling water as night falls. Yes, I know this drill. Years ago it was accompanied by the smells of wet wool and radiators and the radio playing Motown. In fact, every time I hear this

I smell wet wool.
It just dawned on me tonight that I'm not coming down sick, it's the same damn thing I've gone through every Fall. It's November Nose.

The bird is ever so slowly defrosting. He'll get flipped in the morning so the breast gets lots of juice until cooking time. Tomorrow I'll herb up the olives, defrost the cranberries and pumpkin to make pies on Tuesday. Our menu runs as follows:
Laying around the house:
asstd nuts
homemade pickled herring and sour cream
chips n dip

the 21# bird
onion-celery-sage stuffing
homemade cranberries sauce
baked sweet potatoes
mashed white potatoes
white trash green beans dish
sauteed spinach
more gravy. and stuffing.

cranberry, pumpkin and Strider's bringing apple, pies. and Reddi-Whip!

tea, coffee, milk, apple juice, V8 and whatever anyone else brings.

I think we're in excellent shape.

However, if they keep up with the barrage of Christmas adverts this may be the year I get sick of Yuletidiness. I remember each year my parents got sick of Christmas. My Dad went Grinchy when he was 70. My Mom gave up more than got tired of it, when she was 64 or 65. Just didn't want to be bothered with it because it caused too much physical pain. I understand that now, but didn't then. It was sad to go from a house decorated like Fezziwig's to a ceramic tree on the tv. I took up the decorating craze in their place and except for the year Ian died, have always had a tree at the least. Now that we've been back a year I'm pretty much situated to go decoration wild this year. We'll see how it goes. I can't get over the Hallmark channel going right to Christmas movies from Halloween on. Can't we relax and digest? Though this year Strider's going to help me put up the tree on Thanksgiving Friday. Long as that part's done I can get the rest out and up myself. 

Well it's midnight and I'm ready to collect the Beest and curl up under my quilt. Stay warm, everyone.


Geo. said...

November Nose! At last, I have a name for it. Thanks, Austan.

Anonymous said...

So that's what that dry sharp feeling in my right nostril is all about. Sadly, it seems to last until the heat can be turned off. Hope you have a fantabulous Thanksgiving feast.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I know what November nose is as I have it for at least 10 months a year. There are tissues in every room of my house.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Laura. I am grateful for all my blogger friends and you are one of the best - always interesting.

I have much to do to get ready for the holiday and won't be on the computer much this week. Take care putting up that tree.

Lisa said...

So that's what it's called - November Nose. I always called it hell.

What??? No chocolate pie? No pecan pie? This will be the first year without chocolate pie for us - I'm the only one that likes it and I sure don't need it.

What a bitter sweet holiday this will be - not looking forward to it at all.

Hope you enjoy yours!

Austan said...

Geo.- you too? In California?!

Austan said...

Lawless- yeah, it does go on until the windows are open again. And it's a big nuisance! Thank you, we will!

Austan said...

Arleen- oh nose! I do get tired of blowing the noggin, but it's better than clogged up I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Arleen. I am also grateful for my blogging pals and am so happy to know you. And thanks for helping me drag Greg behind the hedge at Gary's party at Lawless' house last Winter. :D Only you would do that for a friend.

Don't overdo! We'll all catch up on the far side of the bird. x

Austan said...

Niecely- but we pie what we grow, and we don't grow pecans in New England. Chocolate pie? Ya mean pudding pie? I'm with them. blech.

It's the ending and new beginning for a lot of people this year. It will be bittersweet for you guys I know. Savor every bit of it. xo

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

White trash green beans? HA! That's too funny. I know our son's preparing both a roasted turkey and a deep-fried one, but other than that, I dunno what all he's planning, but I know it'll all be good. Alas, I doubt if he'll be fixing any white trash beans. (Then again, they DO live in Alabama...) Happy Thanksgiving, kiddo!

Austan said...

Susan! :D It's a standard. I don't even spruce it up, cuz it's beneath my efforts to try changing it. Hope your turkeys are delish!