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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

There are people all over the place involved in finding Billy now, for which I'm very grateful. I want to thank the ladies on the Greg Lake forums for their volunteer spirit and sisterhood.

It's not the first time Billy has gone MIA, gods know. We'd go a month or two without hearing from him when he was in Vietnam, pretty regularly. The first couple of weeks we'd hold breath, dreading the 2 guys in dress uniform would show up at our house. Eventually it became a sort of unspoken tension in the family. We'd watch the news in a grim silence. Then a letter would arrive or there'd be a phone call if he had leave somewhere and it'd all be over until the next time. When he was a cop he was happy and handsome and having a blast, and if anything happened to him he'd be taken care of and we'd know immediately, so you get used to that worry. This is different. A natural disaster is chaotic. There's still no power and no phones working around his house. I'm fairly certain he's staying close to home. But I'm sure that he probably isn't thinking that I'm losing my mind worried about him. Billy doesn't think about such things.

In other matters...
This morning was Larry's memorial, Wendeleh called me after it was over. A full house, a good memorial.

Speaking of Greg, there's a contest for tickets and VIP passes to his London show:

And it's 1:30 already and I haven't accomplished anything but this, answering emails, returning phone calls and chatting on the phone. Time to get off my arse and do some constructive something.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he is fretting by now that he hasn't been able to let loved ones know he is all right and coping. Also, given his background, he is probably busy helping where he can.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

I just keep a positive focus for you that Billy, due to all the communication disruption has been unable to make contact. Like you note, he may be preoccupied with staying safe and warm.

Try and keep upbeat as best you can.


Austan said...

Lawless- Billy's wife's whole family and his best friend were in the path of Sandy, from Breezy Point to Staten Island to Red Bank to Union Beach and then his own house. With all that, I'm far down the list to be concerned about. So I'm just waiting til it all calms down. If anything horrible happened, I'd hear, I'm sure. He's probably helping get everyone back to functional.

Austan said...

With 6 or 7 homes affected in the family circle- and I'm sure that at least 2 homes are totally gone or uninhabitable- they have their hands full. Billy is being useful, as he always is. I just have to think that. I just have to.
But I sure wish someone would call and let me know.
Thanks for caring, Gary.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sometimes, answering emails and chatting on the phone is the most constructive things we can do. Sending positive vibes your way that all is well with your friend,