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Saturday, March 24, 2012

28 Days to Greg!

Four short weeks now. Doesn't seem possible that almost three months have gone by already since Strider bought the tickets. It doesn't seem possible it's been 82 days since I started changing my eating habits, either! I think I've slowed down in losing weight. Trying to gird myself in case I don't make goal by Greg day. It won't throw me, but it would be disappointing. And it's two weeks that the Beest has been in the cone. She's changed her moves. Now she walks like a raccoon. Her coat has come in dense and glossy but she's still chewing her tail. She hates the spray and won't come near me for hours after I finally pin her down to get some on. When I was combing her yesterday she clawed my head. C'est le guerre.

And the world goes 'round.
Heartwarming kindness

Better a hundred years than never

Innovations for a better tomorrow

This is despicable in my government

They, at last, have no shame

And "Christianity" is doing better?

Faster than a speeding light particle

Black holes becoming obese

I'm psyched to see this


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that maybe we could feed the worlds politicians to one of those expanding black holes but unfortunately there are always more greedy souls willing to take their places.

Austan said...

It's true, there are always more. But can't we start trying anyway? ;)