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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

45 Days to Greg!

45 days to Greg! All systems are go, prep is as prepped as it can get. It's hold the program til April 21st. And pray there are no last-minute cancellations.

Today, if the PO does well, the Beest becomes a conehead. I'm hoping she takes it in stride but pretty certain she won't. In fact I expect hissing, running backwards and hiding under the bed.

Yesterday, Bernie's office had me record a statement I'd made about the lack of dental services in Vermont. I don't know what it'll be used for, probably a compilation of statements from Vermonters about how our teeth are rotting because we can't go to a dentist. I'd like to tie the whole Congress to their chairs and make them listen to what people are having to live with in this country. Congress seems far removed from the reality of The People in their insulated world of handouts from the currying rich- and us.

Armandodo told me that New York City hasn't had snow since October. That's just bizarre. Our snow is receding now, though the temp is hovering around freezing, the sun is working on it. It's been a non-existant Winter here; four snows is the norm for a month, not a season.

Time to get my butt in gear. Things to see, people to do.


Anonymous said...

At Christmas Greg seemed so far away and now look, right around the corner. That must give you chills.
So the Beest is getting one of those plastic cones around her head? She won't like it but if you keep it on her long enough she may forget the fun she was having trying to eat herself. Good luck. Will you have to find a way to raise her food dish so she can access it?

The Elephant's Child said...

Busy, busy, busy. I hope the Beest doesn't make your life too hard when she becomes a conehead.

Austan said...

Lawless- It seemed a hundred-something days away about 2 weeks ago and here it is 6 weeks away. My stomach flips thinking about it. Yes, the cone is here but there's a sticker I can't get off so it's waiting for Gal Friday. We'll put it on her together. Not looking forward to that struggle. Thanks for the luck wish, we'll need it. I'm gonna feed her on a flat plate, raised on a box. It's not a huge cone. But it's enough to keep her from biting herself. She's such a spaz.

Austan said...

EC- It is busy! I barely have time to complain! :D I'll report how it went. I hope there's no blood this time, it's always mine.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have loved this snowless winter.

Lisa said...

Do you honestly think that tying them to their chairs and making them listen will work? Not me. I think making them live like the rest of us for 90 days might make a difference. And have you been hearing the big hubbub here about good ole Dicky Lugar? He's been a Senator since '76, sold his house here in Indiana in '78 and has not lived in the state since then. BUT, the ptb have said that's okay, even tho he's supposed to maintain a residence in the state he's representing. Yeah, nothing is going to change any of them. Let's make it a year, instead of 90 days. And term limits- just like the President has.