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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh What Now?

My email is broken. Comcast strikes again. I checked for new mail and nothing moved. I tried sending a new email because I wanted to send this to Stevil and Armandodo
But can't. I tried going thru my address book. No addresses in the address book, just the time out circle, endlessly running. So I shut down and rebooted and tried again. No dice. I'm getting sick of these problems. We pay thru the nose for these services in this area.

A few weeks ago I posted here about not having a working email and got a comment from a Comcast CSR telling me to- wait for it- email him! Genius!

So for those I owe emails to or was going to email, here are short answers/notes.
Carrie- Tomorrow, then. Yay!
Lisa- I hope you got my email about yr bd present. There have been missing emails, too. One I sent to myself (the March Heat Fund Recipe from Lawless) yesterday never made it. Glad I have a 'sent' box.
Paul- haggis waiting.
Boomer- yes, I found it. Come get it.
Gary- this may take a while. Tonight was going to be catch up night.
Ruthie- answer the phone.
Michael- I never got the cc if you sent it.
Okay, that'll do for now.

I blew the Greg diet yesterday by having late night donuts with a friend. And I feel like kaka today... hungoverish. Holy pants, a couple of donuts and I feel like total crap; sluggish, deflated, energyless, dragging my ass?! That really is it for sugar. What a nasty drug. In all these years I never knew what it did to me.

We didn't get the threatened thunderstorms. Nor the 50 degree weather. The snow lays on the ground, deep and crisp and even. It's windy tonight, my chimes are frantic out there.

Above all I'm sending love and hopeful words to my niece's family who are missing a 7 month-old baby and his babysitter in the tornadoes and storms that hit the midwest and south. I'm sorry my email's down.

Tomorrow is another day. Let's keep a good thought that it'll bring good things.


The Elephant's Child said...

I so hope that your neice's family get good news. Soon.
And technology is wonderful. While it is working. And an expensive pain when it is not.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the missing are found.
I get so annoyed when technology lets me down. As you say, we pay a lot for it and there are no reductions when it is out of order. There are times when I threaten to simply go off line permanently. Unfortunately, I'm addicted. Hope you get things fixed soon.

Austan said...

I'm still waiting on news. At least my email seems to be working again. So if there is news, I'll get it.

Remember the days when you'd get something knocked off your bill because you didn't have the service? WTH happened to that good business practice? Are there any good business practices left? Or do we only exist to fill their coffers, a resource for mining personal information and making more cash off our lives?