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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hildebeest, Conehead at Large

Between Gal Friday and me, we got the cone on the Beest. She has reacted the way I thought, walking backwards for a half-hour, going thru small spaces trying to wedge it off, hiding under furniture, trying to jump forward through it. It isn't so big that her muzzle is behind it, and she ate as soon as I put the dish down without incident. But she's not a happy camper. It'll definitely put a crimp in her drinking from the bathroom faucet. It's not heavy, but she's got her nose to the floor and is acting like it's ten pounds hanging around her neck.

The Beest usually walks like a ballerina, one foot delicately in front of the other. At the moment she's walking like a Lipizanner, high-stepping in a disgusted prance.

Ah, she's laid down on the couch in a disconsolate hang off the edge. Well, this will take her mind off biting and scratching. I gave her tail and back a spritzing of the hydrocortisone spray, which should help stop the itch, if it exists. And she's off to the bedroom, belly dragging on the floor, slinking and high-stepping at once.

I'd laugh, but that'd be cruel. So I'll just smile.


Anonymous said...

They are inventive in the ways they try to get rid of the thing aren't they? Who said animals can't think things through? She probably won't talk to you for a few days.

Geo. said...

This new therapy seems to improved Beest from reactive snags and sulphurous hisses. Best wishes for success.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
First of all, apologies for not commenting on your site over the last little while.
Highly recommended that you just smile. Laughter may well get a disapproving look :)
Have a lovely weekend.

Austan said...

Lawless- Yes, I'm getting the cold shoulder and the silent treatment. It'll be quiet around here.

Austan said...

Geo- that was the weirdest part. She didn't freak out when Gal Friday and I both were involved and put the cone on her 3 times But she's been sleeping on my bed and I'm pretty sure has smeared my white comforter with cat food by now.

Austan said...

Gary! Whenever you have time, my dear. I picture you off at Monte Carlo in that white dinner jacket with matching trousers.

A discreet and noncommittal smile, so inscrutable as to be harmless. :)
Have some fun!

The Elephant's Child said...

Ours are extremely skilled at punishing us (me) with digestive upsets. It has happened too often to be co-incidence. Trips to the vet for annual check ups almost guarentee a poop, puke or piddle in a place I deem inappropriate. Good luck.

Austan said...

EC- Thanks. She's a puker, but not so far with this. She's eaten several times and used the box, so, so far that hasn't occurred to her. Maybe she'll get to that when she's over spazzing out. I can't really describe how she walks, her head grimly jutting forward in the cone, belly down to the ground, with those high-stepping legs.. One of the strangest things I've ever seen.

sdt said...

>head grimly jutting forward in the cone... high-stepping legs

Sounds like an Imperial Walker.

Austan said...

Ah, but they can't drag their bellies on the ground as she does.