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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alone, In the Dark

It's officially Summer and officially disgustingly hot. We hit 94'F at 3 p.m. in beautiful southern Vermont. There's no wind in the Shire and plenty of humidity. I fared pretty well in here without AC. Keeping the house closed and dark works; I don't think it got above 80 in here. I just turned the window fans on and will leave them on again overnight. Even though it's not forecast to go below 65 tonight, it'll be cool enough to get through it. Friday we're scheduled for thunderstorms and things will be more bearable after that.

Keep safe, everyone. Stay in shade, or AC if you have it, drink plenty of fluids, make sure your animal pals are comfortable and have fresh water, and move like Uncle Joe (kinda slow). I'd say get nekkid but that's illegal in this town. :) This will pass- they're calling for highs in the 70s next week. I've noticed we generally have 2 really hot spells a Summer. I just hope this is one and there's nothing worse that'll make this look cool.


Munir said...

Thank you for your thoughtful advise. We seniors here in New York are trying our best to keep cool, still some people had to go to the ER cause they were not drinking enough water, One more day of temps in the ninetys and we shall have a cooler Friday they say.

Geo. said...

2 hot spells? That's awful. Here in California we only have one hot spell per summer but it lasts from June to October. It has turned me into jerky.

Anonymous said...

Stay cool and calm....we're stinky hot over here too. They say Friday it should break for us as well so we must be under the same system. Like you, I hope nothing worse in is in the offing.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

How Hot Is It? Ah, that brings back memories of the great Johnny Carson. Now what would Johnny say?

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,
Very good advice. Right now, after what seems continual cold, cloudy and miserable weather, some heat, any heat, would be um warmly welcomed here :)
Stay cool and jump into a tub of ice cubes!
Gary x

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

If you get too hot, think of us down here. It's the middle of our winter. It reaches about 14ºC (58ºF) during the day, but drops to 7ºC (44ºF) at night.

Keep safe, drink plenty.

CarrieBoo said...

I'm still holding off on my AC, Laura. I might have just thought sod it on a day like this, but I need to clean the unit outside, change the filter, plus there's a plugged up whole somewhere that had to be fixed last year... so I think I'll just let myself slowly die instead. Wooooooof! Good reminders for the pets when I go out this morning. Ta chuck!

Austan said...

Munir- Stay cool, this will pass soon.

Geo- That would be why I don't live there. ;)

Lawless- the weatherbees say next week will be in the 70s and low 80s. Yay!

Arleen- "It's so hot that I saw two trees fighting over a dog"?

Gary- I don't know what's worse, glaring heat or chilly wetness. And I see you're all getting more today! Stay dry, dearie.

TSB- that sounds like perfect weather, to me...

Carrie- and that sounds like too much work in this Floridian squishiness. These are the days I'd throw the dogs in the tub! Ha!