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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Off the Press- Er, Intertubes

How do the days just rush by and I find I haven't posted the news? Sheeesh, you'd think I was a busy person or something.

Quidditch is going to the Olympics! My friend Paul alerted me to this and sent the story another friend, Christian Avard, wrote about one young woman's quest to get there:

Heroes of the day:

Have you seen the "zombie" stories? Freaky things are happening:

The Bilderbergers have concluded their yearly conference on how to manipulate the masses and make more money for themselves:

Sci-fi becomes reality, again

Your hand becomes your cashcard:

Catch Venus now, unless you plan to live another 115 years

Innovations for a better tomorrow:

Derek reviews Game On Girl and Wholesome Addiction:

There's much too much in the world to cite just one story:

How is it possible that it's nearly 2 pm already?! Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

they'll build the enterprise and then end up using it as a mall

CarrieBoo said...

That's quite the pick today. I keep hearing about these disturbing bath salt stories -- hideous! And the cannibal Canadian... what is going on. Glad they caught him.

I would LOVE to go on the Starship Enterprise. Guess they probably won't fund it, and Piccard wouldn't be driving anyway, but it would still be cool.

Derek's podcasts are great. He must have had quite the training to do such a pro job. (He has written Ero.?!!! I thought he was shy. LOL.)

Geo. said...

Re: Your hand becomes your cashcard.

Interesting story. I seem to recall a time when banks used self-maintaining facial recognition devices with great success. The were called "tellers".

Austan said...

Lawless- seems that's how it goes these days. The best laid plans..

Carrie- I know times are tough, but eating people?

I would, too, but it won't be done in my lifetime. It'd be great to see it done while the Captains were still alive!

Derek has a great radio voice. Ya gotta watch those quiet ones. :)

Geo.- Hahahahah!!