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Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh Yes It Is!

While busy with other things I hadn't put much thought to a Bucket List. I don't do those kinds of things. There are things I want to do, of course. Things generally just present themselves in my life. I don't rely on this too much but I'm rarely let down when it's something I reallly deep down want. My life is weird that way.

Anyway, for years I've wanted to be part of a Christmastime Panto. It was just a little wish that I didn't put much into. We in the States don't do Panto. Through all those years my husband was acting in NYC, not one Panto was ever put on. Way back when I was into acting there never was a Panto. Theatre in general isn't as popular up here as it used to be. We have a thriving kids' theatre and school, but adult community theatre is trickling away. No chance of a Panto, ever. Until now.

On Monday the 18th we meet for the first organizing efforts. I don't know how much I'll be participating. Certainly not on stage. Maybe in the future but not this year. I'd love, love, love to be in the writing of it. And maybe a dabble in the art & design of the set. This is almost as exciting as planning for Greg Night (something else I never thought would happen but did).

I've no idea how I'll get to this meeting but it's just downtown in my bank so if it comes to it I'll get a cab. I can always beg a ride home. And just take it one thing at a time. If I get on the writing staff we can meet here; what a welcome chance for entertaining people who aren't here on terribly serious business! This is a really joyful prospect. I wonder how many people who've always wanted to do this or who've given up on theatre productions since they were kids will get in on this. The Princess is in already. We're gonna have such fun!!! Yay! 


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Something fun for a change.

klahanie said...

A Christmas pantomime in America? Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is!
And with that, I shall rub the lamp and make a wish. Oops, that didn't sound right :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Something new, something to look forward to, how exciting. This will be your next adventure.

Geo. said...

I look forward to hearing about this, Austan. I know panto has a long history and I know something about the Italian contribution -- Commedia dell'Arte-- but there are mechanisms that go back a longer way. Should you pursue this, I hope you write stuff because I want to learn.

CarrieBoo said...

That is so awesome! I had one panto experience as a teen... I think it was Puss in Boots... "he's be-hind you!". I hope you get to do some writing and we get to see what you come up with!

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

In all honesty, amateur theatre is to be avoided at all costs.

Pearl said...

I've never even heard of it, but I love how determined you sound to be a part of it!


Austan said...

Lawless- That's exactly how I feel about it. There's been way too little fun!

Gary- Haha! We're going to do Jack & the Beanstalk. I'm not saying a thing about making the beanstalk grow. ;)

Arleen- This will be an adventure all right...

Geo.- We'll see how the meeting goes. Nobody knows the people putting it together. If it's as fun as it looks to be I'll be in and blogging about it all the way. I really hope it works out. I'll know better in 2 weeks.

Carrie- Lucky you! I figure everyone should get to do what makes them giddy at least once. Panto makes me giddy and like a kid again. We'll see how it shakes out.

TSB- Depends on the community. If it's a community of miserable sots, then I'd avoid it.

Pearl- I bet you'd love it, and would be great in one, too. Wanna move to VT? ;)

SarcasticTestGuy said...

I hope this endeavor surpasses your expectations.

I, for one, learned of the word "panto", which I've never heard before.

Me am a theater dolt!

Austan said...

STG- Good to hear from you! You should come up for it when it goes up!