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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Say Hi to a Service Guy

My Southern SIL's best friend's son in law is serving in the Navy and is in his we-don't- know-how-many-eth tour of deployment overseas.

His name is Jaime and he could use some love and encouragement from people back home or wherever. Please take a minute and send him some words of caring.

I hate any war, but our servicefolk are good people who just get caught up in things they don't have control in and they do their duty at a great personal cost. They deserve whatever support we can give them. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

hats off to our service men and women..holding the line for us

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Yep, I know.
Hope he gets back soon and back safe.

CarrieBoo said...

Bless your heart, Laura, for posting that. Come back safe, Jaime. And thank you. *sigh*

Lisa said...

On behalf of Jaime's wife, Jennifer, I would like to thank everyone who has emailed. She's said Jaime has been so excited to read all the messages.

Austan said...

Thanks everyone, especially my Niecely, Lisa, who brought this to my attention. I hope Jaime gets enough email to keep him smiling til he comes home.