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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hedging Hobbitry

In light of recent revolting developments around here plans are changed. I figure this gives me 3 years to get Gimp's Guide done and out on the market. Which means 2 years to get the writing done. This is doable. What keeps pushing me back is that there's always new material as I live being in disability, and the sheer amount of topics and areas to cover keeps growing. And it's all stuff that I have to deal with in real time. It's not an academic study. That would be easy.

This housing experience in itself is a chapter. Who knew all these regulations and determinations that apply when you're a gimp in a flood zone? Or how much sideways communication goes on in these things? Getting a straight answer is impossible, it's like talking to the sphinx but in reverse. You have to ask particular, finely phrased questions to get a meaningful answer. And if their game is good, they still find a way to answer sideways. It helps a lot to have family who know some things and just tell you. I'm lucky in that. But others don't have that resource and are spending time and energy twisting in the wind coming up with ideas and options that will only be shot down.

And whoopee! A breakthrough of truth at last. I've been having a go-round with the guy who has the unenviable position of liaison to the Hobbits and he's just said that when federal $ is involved, gimps and elders aren't allowed to be in a flood zone. So, case closed, we're outta here. Finally, the truth from someone official.

I suppose, to hedge my bets, I'll lobby for the "opium den" in the new construction*. Just in case Gimp's Guide isn't a bestseller. ;)

*opium den= demand the most outrageous to get what you really want.


Anonymous said...

Squeaky wheel gets the grease girl. At least you know now there is no point in trying to change their minds.

Austan said...

That's it, Lawless. Being kept in a mire of maybes is the real hell. Now it's a battle for a new Shire.

CarrieBoo said...

So, flood zones are okay for everybody else, then? What are the saying, you can't get away fast enough?!

It does help give you a nudge and a timeline for GG... oh, wouldn't that be great. The opium den (LOL) sounds like a good plan B. Or would that be A1 and A2, thinking sideways.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I would always much rather to be told the truth up front instead of listening to some bureaucrat pussyfoot around with half truths. People should not be given hope if there is none.

Geo. said...

Austan, I'm no expert in these matters but something sounds a bit off. If the liaison conveyed solid policy where Fed $ is involved, why were public meetings bloated and protracted by "sideways talking"? My experience in these matters is limited to school board and land-use meetings, but suggests various public agencies involved might have some overlapping directives in mutual conflict. This amounts to code variances they don't want to tell you about. Not saying this is so, but it's a line of research that has rewarded my attention several times.

The Elephant's Child said...

Aaaargh. We face similar problems here. We have been told before that we are either - not quite unwell enough and/or earn slightly too much. Or both if they think they can get away with it. Or the services simply aren't available. Fortunately I am a woman who swears because if I wasn't these types would have driven my straight there. Do not pass Go and do not collect one effing cent of the $200.

MoonRaven said...

Good luck with your 'Gimp's Guide'. I'm sorry you get to research it the hard way.

Go for the 'opium den'--maybe it will give you a shot at what you're really after.