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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back in the Kitchen

Somehow I end up entertaining a lot. July 4th is just around the corner too, and the annual Post-Parade Party. So this month is where I lay in the food for it. It's a production but I've streamlined it through the years so it's not overwhelming. All the meats are in the freezer. the kielbasis, the hot dogs, the meat for Swedish meatballs, the chicken for salad. The elbows await becoming salads, even the condiments are in. This year I'm ahead of schedule. All that's left to get are the fresh things- veggies and buns.

In the weeks running up to such a party I test things, too. We have a big meeting on Thursday night for the future of the Shire and I expect to have people here both before and after and they'll be my Guinea Pigs.... um, tasters... of new recipes. It's usually too hot and muggy to bake for the 4th, so I'm going for smarter, not harder. No-bake pies and ice-cream based yummies. I love cooking and creating recipes. Wouldn't have done it for a career if I didn't. When there's some food I'm not familiar with cooking I like to play with it.

Which brings up Nutella. Never have used it in a recipe. There are a bajillion recipes on the web. Plenty of Nutella recipes for all the usual stuff- I'd hardly call putting it between pancakes or waffles "a recipe" though. Nutella is sweet but I've noticed it loses flavor when blended with other things. Since I'm a big dairy fan I'm working up a sour cream-Nutella pie. We'll see how that goes.

And The Princess is going into business soon, opening a cheese shop. I'm working up recipes for her to use involving cheeses. Savory cheesecakes, panini, quiches, soups, desserts. I don't like cheese mixed with chocolate but it's popular among those who like it. I suppose I'll have to work up some things for that crowd.

I'm also wondering how rose would work into it all. I had a rose custard pie once that I still remember...

While I'm still eating healthy and avoiding calorie-laden things I have no problem foisting such things on unsuspecting friends. Looks like even in retirement I'll always be in the kitchen, and that's fine by me.


CarrieBoo said...

I really must move closer to you so I can be a helper (taster). I'm a cheese-iac. Do you mean 'rose' as in rose petals?

Anonymous said...

Mom used to make an ice cream pie in a graham cracker I wish I could eat that stuff again.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I think Amrican baked cheescake is infinitely better than thre european version made with gelatine.