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Friday, June 15, 2012

Movies- Free and Full

Here are some full movies I came across on YouTube. There's a variety here, from Bill Maher's agnostic quest in "Religulous" to the somewhat disturbing programming of children in "Jesus Camp"; from the thought-provoking "Mr. Nobody" to the knight with a Brooklyn accent in "The Black Shield of Falworth". And there's escapism in "The Hobbit" (saw that with some date at the Ziegfeld Theatre in 1978) and a bit of mindless horror in "Urban Legend". You'll also see a bunch of other movies listed in the sidebars of these posts on YT. It's free, but see them while you can. These things may be pulled at any time.  


Jesus Camp

Mr. Nobody

The Black Shield of Falworth

The Hobbit (animated, 1978)

Urban Legend


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Please don't forget Dogma at

This is part 1, but all parts are (at the moment) available

Austan said...

Thanks TSB! Love that movie!

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,
Thanks for those links and I shall check out "Urban Legend", what with me being a bit of a 'mindless horror' :)
Peaceful weekend to you.
x said...

nice written

CarrieBoo said...

Nice finds. I think I've seen the first two... oooh, and did you say mindless horror. That's about the extent of my brain power some days!