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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's a Hot One

It's gonna be a scorcher today in the Northeast. The humidity is already 92% and the temp is going to the mid-nineties. Summer's not officially here until 7:09 tonight but it's coming in on a blaze of fiery Heatmiserly stickiness. Happy Solstice. Cam sent me a Solstice greeting this morning with this:
So I had to send my very Summery response:

On to pondering material...
Info-mining is big business

3 Scary Economists' Phrases

Why smart people are stupid

Buddhism and science

Lack of one protein= permanent viral infection

"How the 1% brainwashed the 99%"

Cool isn't cool anymore

Caffeine could stave off Alzheimer's

Sugar addiction

Dare Wright's Holiday for Edith and the Bears is now on Nook

Woohoo! Inbox clear, house closed up to stay cool, outside plants watered. I think I'll have some iced coffee and make those phone calls I've been putting off. Stay cool, everybody.


CarrieBoo said...

Oh wow, you've found some intriguing articles here (happily sipping my coffee)! Thanks!

It is so hot here, too. Melting!

Anonymous said...

We are in the midst of a heat wave as well...AC is is brewing...what? there's no sugar in the house? aaaaaaaaaaah
Keep cool girl.

Geo. said...

My summary response to your "Summery response": Carlos Santana, regional asset and national treasure, successfully distracted me from our thermometer --103. Thanks!

Austan said...

Boo- Drink lotsa water too. Coffee dehydrates!

Lawless- No sugar? That's not right!

Geo- 103! I thought we were bad at 94! The salt in my salt dish is like mush. Ach. I hate dog days. More Santana!

CarrieBoo said...

Finally worked my way through your list... :D A few days later.