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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Money Makes the World Go 'Round

Let's take a look at money today, shall we? I consider myself flush if I have 20 bucks in my pocket. Some aren't feeling it with a few million in their pockets and some wish they had the four bucks for a gallon of milk.

In fact, while economies bottom-dwell around the world, you read the morning news with stories like this- $40 million spent on the Olympics opening night:

And just a few pages away...From the "make the poor people poorer" file

Who has this kind of money to give away?

Is there cake on Mars?

Of course what really matters is the blame, because that always fixes things

Take it, Liza and Joel


Anonymous said...

That is some depressing reading. I imagine Canada isn't much better off right now.

CarrieBoo said...

Excellent articles on poverty... yeah, depressing to think there are no jobs and no opportunities, even with proper education. But I'm glad someone is out there writing these articles. I'm getting so tired of all the sheeple listening to the lies and reaccting to it. I wish more people would read this stuff and understand what we're dealing with. They think if they have jobs right now, they don't need to worry, and take the worst case addict/unemployed scenario to justify their thinking. It's too bad. The future is frightening.

Austan said...

Reality isn't just offensive anymore, it's depressing and infuriating too.

The Elephant's Child said...

One of the things which makes me climb aboard my soap box is that we flush our toilets with drinking water while elsewhere in the world families die without it, or are maimed by mines seeking it.
I try and do my bit to alleviate poverty through supporting charities which empower people, but it is such a small bit and the need is so huge. V depressing. And infuriating.