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Thursday, June 2, 2011

aaaaaah.... and ruh roh

It's cool. Nice Spring breezes. No need for a fan. Even a bit chilly. The sky is almost a Maxfield Parrish blue and brilliantly white puffy clouds scamper above us. Surprise and hooray my wooden wall clock is running again- I was beginning to think it was a goner. The humid nastiness is over; it's less painy too.

But the storms that made today so luscious you could eat it with a spoon did terrible damage to our friendly neighbor to the south. The state of Massachusetts is a mess. Seven tornadoes (WTF with tornadoes in New England lately?) ripped thru western Mass, destroying a lot and injuring many. I heard one person was killed. This weather is not normal. Not in this area and not at this time of year. Floods, yes, floods we know. When the snow runoff from the mountains heads down and south and meets storms, floods happen. Hurricanes? Sometimes we get a tail-end of one coming up the coast. In the late Summer or early Fall. And they cause floods too. But tornadoes? No. Not in good old New England. We were never part of Tornado Alley. Yesterday there were tornado warnings up the entire east coast and I guess most lucked out. Except for Massachusetts.

While I sit here by an open window enjoying this lovely day post-miserable heat and humidity, the aftermath that same storm brought just a few miles away has made life a Hell for neighbors down there. Somehow it's not so enjoyable.

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