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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Cam just sent me this video of an unfuckingbelieveable example of the police state happening in this country:

Jefferson, I hope you haunt these bastards for the rest of their lives.


Rory Grant said...

What is it with American cops and the rush to physically manhandle people and generally throw them around? I don't get it? With very few exceptions all it does is exacerbate things.

I'm appalled - WTF is going on? I hope there are very real repercussions for the officers involved.

Austan said...

The unAmerican "Patriot Act" was just renewed by Congress, which allows these things to go on. Some cities and towns have declared it unuseable, including mine. But it's still in force, and the police aren't the noble protectors they once were thought to be. They're bullies now, especially in cities. A dozen years ago a mentally ill man was shot to death in a church here in my town. It changed many things. Not so for the rest of the country. Illegal search and seizure is legal under the PA.