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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blowin' My Horn

Allergies are really annoying this year. It's been over 90 degrees again. And it sucks to be so congested and hot at the same time. No A/C; I'm trying to avoid buying one, but if this keeps up I might have to, dammit. The "open windows at night, shut them in the morning and pull the shades" deal was working until today. But it's simply unrelentingly hot and humid. We had a huge storm at 5:30 this morning but it's still soup here. My poor nose is getting red from blowing, I keep fighting off a headache. Pain in the ass August-like weather. It's too sticky to unpack and sort... rassafrassacuzzafuddinsarmensant...

But there is escape. Stayed in headphones almost all day, and though I can't write a lot in 'phones, I can draw. And I'm pleased with myself. I think I got it right this time, after 3 tries on the same subject- Greg Lake. Tried an 80s look, hated it. Tried a "Works"-era, couldn't get it right. I've been doing portraits since the 70s (some helped me get through school but I gave away most, and lost my portfolio 2 moves ago) and it can get really anal. There are all kinds of tricky little things- shading the right way, erasing the right places to highlight, and hair (the bane of pencil portrait artists)- and anything can ruin it all. So when a piece works without fuckups, ya get excited. And that's when you put it away and wait until you get somebody else's eyes on it. Which is a weirdo thing in itself, because too many peep will exclaim and say it's great when you know it isn't. So there are only 2 reliable sources in my life. Other artists, who look at something and rarely comment much less compliment (if they go sullen it's good); and Strider, who will look at a piece and suddenly I see what's off. She doesn't have to say anything or even make a noise. It's weird but it's true. Once this goes through the Strider lens, I may even send this to Greg. We'll see. I can probably send it to his agent. When I worked for Bret Adams we were handling fan stuff all the time and passing it on.

Okay, now it's gotten very dark. The trees aren't moving a leaf, but obviously we're getting another storm. Jesus I hope this clears the humidity and cools it off a bit. And takes down the friggin pollen count! Blech and feh on this shit.

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